Heart of the Sun is Now Available for Pre-Order

Heart of the Sun–The Hands of War: Book One will be available for all manner of eReaders on May 25, 2015. This book will not be exclusive to Kindle, however, Kindle readers can pre-order a copy right now, which will be delivered to your Kindle at midnight in your region on May 25, for just $0.99. The price will rise to $2.99 on release day, so this is a great time to grab a copy for your Kindle or Kindle app at a discount.

Heart of the Sun HoW 2

Fatally wounded in a harrowing battle against Enoch Lousse and the king’s Black Guard, Taven Grimmbane will die without a healer. Commander of the Argonel, Taven is the driving force behind the elven resistance. Without him, the last of the free elves will fall.
A healer’s hands restore life, even to those undeserving–that’s what Helti’s grandmother taught her. Taken captive by the Argonel and forced to heal their dying commander, a human healer holds the life of one of the most brutal killers of men in her hands, just as he holds hers.
Helti wishes she could hate him for the things he’s done to her people, but she embraced Taven’s soul when she brought him back from the veil between life and death, and she knows there is beauty yet within.
A single act of mercy could turn the tides of war. A healer’s compassion could touch the heart of a monster who doesn’t believe he deserves peace or redemption. If the sun could descend from his throne to give his heart to a human girl, surely an elf can find it in himself to love outside his race… even if only for a little while.

Pre-order your copy of Heart of the Sun today from an Amazon retailer catering to your region:

Amazon US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, India, Brazil

If you’ve got Goodreads, add Heart of the Sun to your Want to Read shelf, just follow this link.

3 thoughts on “Heart of the Sun is Now Available for Pre-Order

  1. Heading over to grab my copy today, Jenny! Thanks for sharing here. This is what I tweeted, adding hashtags I thought might help spread the word:
    #TheWriteStuff #JenniferMelzer #HeartOfTheSun is Now Available for Pre-Order: http://wp.me/p55nCI-hm via @#marciameara Grab it today!

    It showed up great, with the cover photo and the first few lines of your post visible. Plus it mentions TWS and YOU, in addition to making the title work as a hashtag, too. Hope it goes far and wide! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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