Hey, You Guys!!

I’m a birdwatcher. I’m especially fond of birds with many, many legs!

I’m not learning new stuff about very many members. We are almost 600, now…surely a few of you have something you’d like to share with us that we might be surprised to learn…or get a laugh from? Come on. Just one thing we don’t know. Here. I’ll throw out something else: You already know I’m old, but did you know I’m tall? As tall as my husband, almost. Close to 6′. Okay, 5’10”, but who’s counting? And…look, three for one…I have a southern accent. (You expected anything else from a native Floridian?) So. THAT’S FOUR from me. I paint, I’m tall, I speak Southernese, and I love multiple-legged birds. It is definitely your turn now. I’m waaaaaait-iiiiing.

2 thoughts on “Hey, You Guys!!

  1. Marcia, Too bad there isn’t a turkey with multiple legs. It might solve a lot of Thanksgiving arguments. I’m old too (older than you). I’m tall too (taller than you). I’ve lived in the south for 45 years but no southern accent. I know, people in central Florida don’t consider Miami as part of the south. My last novel took place in Charleston, SC and next one in Cambridge, MA.

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    • Hi, Eldon! Thanks for sharing. Since I was born here, and my mother’s family is from Georgia, a southern accent was pretty much a given for me. I can believe you are taller than I, but it’s hard to believe you are older. I’m older’n dirt! 😀 Heck, there’s folks in Georgia that don’t consider any part of Florida part of the south, but that’s because so few people living here were born here. There’s me and some guy up in the panhandle, I think. 😀

      So where did you live moving south 45 years ago? Just curious.


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