14 thoughts on “On Being 71…

    • Thank you, Jennybeanses! The day has been odd, but it’s all okay. Saw my foot doctor first thing, and the good news is, the bone isn’t broken. The bad news is, the bone isn’t broken. Broken bones heal faster than damaged ligaments. 😦 But I’ve been ordered to sit down, prop it up, and take it easy, so I’m going to spend the rest of my birthday doing a little ONLINE retail therapy! 😀 Some new Adagio teas to try, a couple of new books to order, and just possibly, a Kindle Voyage, as well. So, all in all, not too bad for a 71st. 😀 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. Happy birthday, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    I don’t drink either, but I’m wearing green and eating key lime pie yogurt, if that counts. Someone out there is drinking green beer, they can count for the rest of us!

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    • Thank you, Caitlin! I’m also wearing green, but my hummus isn’t green. Thankfully. 😀 So, all those green beer drinkers out there will have to keep us in mind, won’t they? Off in a minute to prop up my sore foot. (Man, injections in the feet hurt!) And read! I’m finishing up three books at once. Maybe I’ll have an excuse to stay put long enough to get them all read and reviewed. 😀 Happy St. Pat’s Day. Don’t overdo on the key lime yogurt!


  2. Happy Birthday, Marcia. Hope all your birthday wishes come true. Those green beer drinkers will pay for it tomorrow when they wake up and find that their teeth are green. 🙂 Just kidding. Happy St. Pat’s Day.


    • Thanks so much, Louis! I was doing pretty well today, until my husband and I tried to get pills down three of our cats. An amazing thing happens when you do that. Cats have the ability to grow four extra legs! They come shooting out from all over the place, no matter how well you think you have them held down. Somebody’s gonna bleed, and it won’t be the cat!

      Other than that, the day went pretty well. I’m getting INTO this sitting with my foot propped up thing. I’ll be able to do that for oh, half a morning tomorrow, and then I’ll be bored with it all. 😀


    • Thanks, Jen! And I did those very things. The Kindle should arrive today, and I’m pretty excited. I do love gadgets, and the previous two Kindles have been amazing and so much fun. I love collecting books, too, of course, and adore great covers, but for actually reading, Kindle beats them hands down. Perfect light, perfect sized fonts I can change when I need to, lovely built-in dictionary, doesn’t make my arthritic thumbs hurt from trying to force it open wide enough to read what’s down the center, and a full library of books contained in a tiny space. I’m in love! 😀

      As for the teas, trying some new Adagio flavors this time, just for my own pleasure. I’ve never had Earl Grey GREEN tea before, for one. Plus, I still have a lobster dinner coming this weekend, too. A nice haul for a crazy ol’ lady! 😀


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