You Guys Better Get Busy…

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…or you’re gonna be reading a LOT of excerpts from ME this week! 😯  Here’s a short one from my book Summer Magic. It’s the final poem in the book, wherein I get the last laugh over all the naysayers I’ve known through the years. Some of you might recognize this scenario.

Attitude Really IS Everything

You can’t!
I can.
Why not?
It’s all wrong!
It’s all right.
You shouldn’t!
I should.
You won’t!
I will.
It could be bad!
It could be good.
It’s too late!
There’s time.
You’re too old!
I’m still here.
You did it!
I did.

Summer Magic is available for download on Kindle


6 thoughts on “You Guys Better Get Busy…

    • Thanks, Evelyn! It was a fun one…and believe it or not, I woke up with it pretty much fully formed in my mind. I know it isn’t long, but I could just SEE it. I came out here and wrote it down before I even had my morning cuppa Earl Grey! And I still laugh when I read it.


Looking forward to hearing what YOU think!

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