14 thoughts on “Book Reader Magazine Interview

  1. Thanks for sharing the link here, Louis. I hope everyone will check it out, AND will remember to share it with their followers and friends, and tweet it out into the Universe at large. I know I will! I enjoyed reading it.

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    • Glad you saw this, Louis. I got interrupted before I could email you. (I swear on a stack of Swamp Ghosts paperbacks, I was GOING to!) 😀 Thanks for giving us the correct link. I’m going to fix it in your main post, too, unless you already have.

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    • Because I had read the article before you posted here, I never checked it. But when I saw Sue’s comment, I did, and it sent me to a page not found thingie, too. This one is working for me, so I hope it’s good now. 🙂


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