Robins, Goldfinches, and Earl Grey Tea

Sarah's Favorite Earl Grey

What a wonderful couple of days in my yard. Robins crowding my birdbaths, grooming themselves for the rest of their long journey north, and today, goldfinches at my feeders. They’ll hang out for several weeks, unlike the robins, and by the time they head north to nest, the males will be almost completely molted into their bright yellow and black plumage. They are happy, chirpy little guys, and so much fun to watch. I had to grab a cup of Adagio’s Earl Grey Bravo, my favorite Earl Grey tea, and sit on the porch for a while, just to enjoy their antics. Which made me remember that I had planned to post about the custom tea blends (with labels) you can put together on Adagio’s website.

Jenny Melzer introduced me to this website in an earlier post here, and I’ve been totally hooked. Not only do they have some delicious teas of their own, but you can blend custom mixes yourself, which is just so much fun! I’ve created blends for five of my characters, so far, and they have been a big hit at signings and Meet the Author events. You can buy your blends in various sized packaging, but for give-aways and the like, I recommend the sample tins. I order them 20 at a time, which drops the price from $4 a tin to $2. It might be even less for larger orders.

I’ve used my title line from my book covers and named the teas for characters from that particular book. Sarah is my heroine in Wake-Robin Ridge, and her favorite Earl Grey tea is softened with lavender and cream.  Willow is a character from Swamp Ghosts, and her favorite tea is raspberry mint. Dreaming up flavors that fit your characters is fun, though I did have a head start, since both Sarah & Willow drink tea in their books.

In addition to creating teas to order yourself, you have the option to make your blends public, and promote them. You can earn points towards other purchases if folks buy your teas. You also earn points each time you place an order, or post about your Adagio teas on Facebook, etc.

All in all, this has been a lot of fun, and frankly, every tea I have created so far has been delicious. To check out Adagio Teas, go here. To check out my custom blends, go here. (My labels look great in real life, even though the apostrophes are messed up in the online graphics. I can highly recommend Adagio’s Earl Grey Bravo, Earl Grey with Lavender, Decaf Peach, and Decaf Mango. And all five of my blends: Christmas on Wake-Robin Ridge, Sarah’s Favorite Earl Grey, Willow’s Raspberry Cooler, Maggie’s Tropical Green, and Gunn’s Assam Blend. Plus Jennifer Melzer’s Sound the Siren is to die for!

You tea drinkers will enjoy looking around there. And those of you who don’t drink tea yourselves, might have fun creating a few custom blends for giveaways.

assam blend

8 thoughts on “Robins, Goldfinches, and Earl Grey Tea

  1. This is such a cute idea, Marcia. I went to the Adagio Tea website and placed an order. I’m basically an herbal tea drinker, but I ordered one of their black teas as well. Thanks for sharing this website.

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    • They have a nice selection of herbal teas, Plus things you can add to them…peels, spices, flowers, rose hips, etc. The only herbal tea I drink often is chamomile, and I’ve been thinking (since Willow drinks it frequently in my books) I would do a special one named for her, and add some apple bits and some blue cornflower petals to pretty it up. 🙂

      Glad you had fun looking around. But do check out the bar across the top that lists all their teas. Some of them are VERY expensive. And they give you the history behind where each is grown, etc. I learn something new every time I visit. I’m hoping I get my next order tomorrow.

      Oh, and I can’t have caffeine after noon, so I switch to decaf, but normally, it tastes awful. I’ve tried 3 of Adagio’s own decaf blends, and they are great. I can’t tell the difference in the decaf Earl Grey Bravo over the normal. And I’ve tried their decaf Mango and decaf Peach. Both are delicious. I’ve got some decaf Spice on the way. I’m SO addicted! 😀

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  2. I usually drink organic rosehips and hibiscus tea, which is great for lowing blood pressure, so I ordered the cherry tea which has rosehips and hibiscus.. But I recently found a Red Velvet Chocolate blend made with Rooibos tea. Kind of like drinking dessert. Unfortunately, it isn’t one of Adagio’s. Of course, I could always suggest it to them.

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    • I looked through their assortment of rooibos teas and found a rooibos honeybush chocolate. I also found several custom teas available with red velvet in the titles, but I didn’t look to see if they were made with black or herbal teas. The neat thing is, you can make just what you want. If you go to Create Blend, you can start with a rooibos base, add chocolate, and other flavorings, and voila. Custom blend just for you. Evelyn’s Rooibos Red Velvet Chocolate. (You can actually add chocolate pieces to the mix, even!) I swear, I don’t think there’s much you can’t mix up for yourself there, even just for your personal use.

      I have a character in Swamp Ghosts who is an albino and who collects albino reptiles. I’m think of using their white tea as a base, and coming up with a tea named either for him, or for his favorite reptile, Big Blue. 🙂 But I have several ideas for myself, things I particularly like and can’t often find. I’ll be doing this for a LONG time, I think. 😉

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  3. Have fun with it, even just for your own use. Put your favorite things in it, and then order a small bag to give it a try. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is, and how good the teas you create taste. Before you know it, you’ll be a Tea Maven! 😀


    • Hi, Louis! I’m getting the sample tins of Gunnar’s Assam blend tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it tastes. I can vouch for Willow’s Raspberry Mint Cooler, though. It’s good! I can’t wait to taste the chamomile one I just created, too. I’ve become rather obsessed with the possibilities! 🙂


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