Getting to Know You #2



Today’s getting to know you question is, how can we find you on social media? Do you have a blog or blogs we would enjoy? Want us to stop by your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter? Have you, like me, been pulled into the mother of all timesucks, Pinterest, and have some boards we might enjoy following? Let us know here, and I’m pretty sure some of us will visit you. Plus, we can (and SHOULD) share this post with our peeps, and get the word out even farther.

Again, I’ll start. In addition to this blog, I have my original blog where I focus more on reading than writing. Book reviews, cover art, etc. I did have an active gardening blog, as well, but it has become a casualty of my newly launched writing career. You can still find me here, though, and I hope you will!:

Bookin’ It
Personal Facebook Page
My Writing Facebook Page
Twitter (@marciameara )

14 thoughts on “Getting to Know You #2

  1. Thanks, Elena! Some days are slower than others, but hopefully, a few more will share with us. I’m tweeting yours out right now! And I’ll be checking on them, myself, as soon as I get back from running a few errands. Hope you get some new visitors and followers. 🙂 Have a great day!

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  2. Hi Marcia,
    thanks for round 2 🙂
    On my blog, I post book reviews, book tours, some random things about my books and life, plus some stuff about indie publishing.
    I’m on twitter at:
    Pinterest (yes, I’ve succumbed) at: (that’s under my real name)
    My facebook author page: And of course, my Goodreads author page:

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    • Hi, Deborah! Thanks for taking part and sharing. Hope some others see this soon, so they know they have a chance to promote their blogs, etc. I fixed your link to your FB page for ya, btw. (I think you can edit your comments, too, but I’m not sure, since I’m doing it as Administrator). I can’t wait to have a few minutes to myself tonight to go over the links you guys are sharing. I want to make contact with each of you, and I’m tweeting this, too. Have a great Wodin’s Day…er…it might be about over for you? So…have a great Thor’s Day tomorrow. (My favorite day of the week. 😀 )

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  3. Hi Marcia, thanks for allowing us the opportunity to post our links.

    My website is – I just started a newsletter. If anyone would like to sign up for it
    simply go to the Newsletter page and leave your electronic John Hancock. It’s only going to be used for exclusives, giveaways and noteworthy events.

    My facebook page is – would love to friend everyone here.

    Twitter is @louisklowy – ditto twitter connects.

    Pinterest is – same for pinterest followers

    I’m also on goodreads:

    This one has nothing to do with author links. It’s for all you dog lovers – of which I’m one. ‘4 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says, “I Love You” (Including Yawning)’

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    • You’re welcome, Louis. I am really happy to have a forum where we can all better connect with each other. Thanks so much for sharing all your links, and I’m going to be sure I check for any I may have missed the other day. And I LOVE the doggie article. My dogs (dachshunds) do the first three things regularly, but I don’t know about the yawning. I’ve never noticed, and will have to watch, though my male cat yawns at me every time I talk to him. Not sure whether that means he adores me, or finds me incredibly boring. But OH, the doggie staring, deeeeeep into my eyes. Maks will sometimes lie on my lap doing that for fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, barely blinking.

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  4. Sorry I’m late, been buried editing. Here are mine…
    My personal blog:
    Authors’ blog:
    Contributor to:
    Twitter: SueColetta1
    FB page:
    FB group:
    I think that’s enough. I’m also on Goodreads and on a few others but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.

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      • Perfect! This way, we can all check out each other’s blogs, and follow each other on Twitter, etc. Getting to know each other at its very best, and glad you plan to take advantage of it. I know I’m going to, as well.


    • It’s never too late, Sue, and I’m very happy you shared with us. If time permits today, I’m going to start a Members Social Media Links tab at the top of the page for all of these, so we can easily access anyone we want to follow, without having to track down this post. I’ll continue to add to it for anyone who wants to share their social media links with the group, which really should be everyone…I mean, why not? We all surely want to build our followings, right? So…you’ll be added to that Menu button as soon as I get it going.

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    • Hahaha…you are so funny, Jen! I don’t swear on my blog or my FB page (which I ALSO hate), but don’t ask my hubby about my language around here. 😯 I’m just pretty good about not doing it public. I will add your links to the page, and let folks take their chances. They’ve been warned. 😀


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