Question on Boxed Sets for Kindle


Well, here I am with my first two books in the Wake-Robin Ridge series out, and I want to offer a special deal on a boxed set of the two. I have them all saved in one document, everything matchy-poo and pretty, and a lovely boxed set style cover. I’m ready to upload, but I’m stumped right out of the box (ed set). I can’t figure out how to do the title to show this is a series, and a set that includes Books 1 & 2, and the names, and whatever else I’m allowed to put in there.

I spent some time online looking at other boxed sets (good golly, ollie, there must be a ginormous market for multiple werewolf/vampire/demon erotica!) but that was really no help, no matter the genre. I found titles as short as “Boxed Set: The Naked Vampire Series” to titles that had 30 or 40 words in them. None of that looks like it’s allowed, but there it was.

Now, if I wanted to list my set as “Boxed Set: Wake-Robin Ridge Series, Books 1 & 2: Wake-Robin Ridge, A Boy Named Rabbit” well…anyone know how I would go about doing that? Is it one title? Should it be a title and subtitle? And what about that rule that says every word of it must be on the cover of your book? I didn’t find that to be true in very many cases, and I looked through hundreds. (Only half of which had naked vampires on the covers!)

Have any of you done this? Do you have any ideas? I looked through the Help files and found nothing useful. 😦 I’m stuck!

Looking forward to hearing what YOU think!

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