More Christmas at the House of 1,000 Santas

Okay, for those of you interested in such things…few though you may be…here’s another peek at what a 50-year collection of Santas looks like. Because I didn’t get everything put out this year, thanks to an unrelenting editing deadline, these pictures were taken 3 Christmases (and a dozen or so Santas) ago. Things are pretty much the same, except for a bit less this year, because…as I mentioned…deadline! Hope this puts you in the holiday spirit…or makes you want to avert your eyes. Whichever makes you happier.

A full-length photo of my six-foot tall Santa, with no lights out on the tree this time.


My library tree, with St. Nicholas on top.


Close up of ornaments on library tree, many of which were hand-painted my me.


The Pass through from the library to the kitchen and the Holly Jolly Santa shelf.


On the kitchen side, my collection of miniature Santas, one of which is over 70 years old.


Even the library shelves have a few Santas here and there, including Bob the Skull (from the Dresden Files,
who has a permanent place on his shelf, and often celebrates the holidays with us.


Wall to wall family room shelves are loaded with Santas, too, every size and style.


Entryway wreath and forest Santas, with friends.


Even my little village, christened Tiny Town by Tabitha when she was just learning to write, has a Santa with kids lined up to talk to him.


The living and dining rooms are done in blue, white and silver. Tabitha, showing off the blue tree.


One of three white Santas in the living room.


Ornaments on the blue tree.


Dining room is mostly just lots of greenery and silver & mercury glass votives, etc.20111215_113

And last, a blurry overview of the family room. If you prefer warm, traditional, and cozy, this is the spot. (Over 50 Santas on that mantel, btw.) If you like frosty snowmen and icicles, the living room’s where you’d want to hang out. Me, I love both, and have room for both now, so, what the heck. I’m not a less is more kinda person. In fact, I’m pretty sure more is more, especially at Christmas! And speaking of Christmas, my sincere and happiest wishes to all of you. May you have the best one, EVER!





9 thoughts on “More Christmas at the House of 1,000 Santas

    • Oh, if you haven’t met Bob the Skull, you really should. The skull is actually just a home for a spirit entity, who knows the answer to just about anything. Once in a while, Harry Dresden releases him, and he takes off in a swirl of light and sparks to go read girlie magazines and cheap romance novels. He’s fun, and an integral part of the Dresden Files.

      When I saw this skull a few Halloweens ago, I brought him home for my library (where I have lots of little arcane thingies…like athames, and howling wolves) to go in my paranormal/supernatural section. Bob gets shamrocks on St. Patty’s Day and a Halloween mask each fall. Across the room resides his girlfriend, Boberta, who looks just like him, except for having long eyelashes and red lipstick. 😀 I’m a sick puppy, you know.

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  1. I love Bob! I love Harry. I love Murphy. (My youngest cats, found on our woodpile are named Harry and Murphy). I just love The Dresden Files. My very favorite urban fantasy series of all time, in a long, long list of ones I love. Since I can’t find a Harry Dresden figure that looks like cover model John Paul Pfeiffer, Bob the Skull will have to do. I’ll share a picture of his girlfriend, Boberta, later. She’s real sexy. Honest. Okay, even Bob doesn’t think so, since he’s more into the Playmate of the Month kind of thing. But I love her, anyway, and I’m hopeful one day Bob will be more appreciative of her charms. 😀

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    • Fifty+ years’ worth! 🙂 And I only showed pictures of a fraction of them. There’s lots more, believe me. I do two full sized trees, and three small ones, too. And lots and lots of fresh greenery everywhere, so the house smells good, even with artificial trees. It’s insane, really, and I know I won’t have the energy to do it very many more years, so I’m trying to start paring back. Sort of. Some. Okay, hardly any. Maybe six or seven Santas gone to new homes this year. 😀

      Merry Christmas to you, too, Marcia. Hope to interview you again in 2015. I’m working up all new questions, before long.


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