Looking for Guest Bloggers

If any of you would like to do a Guest Blog on Bookin’ It, please give me a holler. I’ve got some openings (starting tomorrow, if you hurry) that I’d like to fill, and I enjoyed Jenny Melzer’s Guest Blog post last week so much, I’m looking for more. Let me know! (It can be about whatever book-related stuff you wish, in character, or in your own voice. I’m flexible.)

4 thoughts on “Looking for Guest Bloggers

    • I don’t have too many rules, Tienny. No politics or religion are pretty much the only hard and fast ones, though I reserve the right to make final decisions on Bookin’ It posts. It’s family-friendly, mostly. That gets stretched a bit now and then, though, so I’m flexible. You can cover most genres with no problem. What are you interested in doing? Feel free to email me (click the About button for contact info), and we can discuss it in more detail. šŸ™‚

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      • Tienny, I checked out your blog and see that you do have a religious/spiritual theme to it. It’s a lovely blog, with a unique approach. I just wanted you to know that my politics/religion rule has been in place ever since I started blogging, not because I have no feelings about these two issues, but because I blog to escape from all of the issues of the day, and controversial ones, especially. I get plenty of that in the Real World, so I don’t bring them with me when I blog. Hope you’ll understand. If you’d like to be a guest blogger on any other topics…books and writers, in general. Conceptual art, in general. Those kinds of things, would be fine. Just let me know. Thanks!


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