Changes in Publishing: Who Will Survive?

Another great one from Nancy Cohen! Enjoy. (And perhaps follow Nancy’s blog while you’re there.)

Nancy's Notes From Florida

Hugh Howey: The Publishing World is Changing. How Can You Keep Up?
Novelists, Inc. Conference Day 2, St. Pete Beach Oct. 2014

Hugh Howey began his presentation by showing slides on “A history of storytelling.” The order goes this way:

Oral tradition
Written tradition
The first cubicle workers, i.e. monks transcribing by hand
Movable type
Offset and digital in 1990
Electronic publishing 2007


He recommends reading “The Storytelling Animal.”

Bar codes revolutionized sales in that data could be tracked. This led to massive discounting. In 1995, Amazon went live. In 2014, indie bookstores see a 20% growth in openings since 2007.

Book selling is like the game: scissors, paper, rock. You have the big-box chains, online retailers, and indie bookstores. Amazon beats the chains. Indies beat Amazon on their location, curation, and community. Publisher profits have risen, but digital is subsidizing print. Business costs and author royalties for digital are…

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4 thoughts on “Changes in Publishing: Who Will Survive?

    • Glad you found it interesting, Miz Yank. Nancy does a great job of summarizing some of these events and lectures she attends, and she’s also good about sharing her own experiences in the industry. Hope you find lots of good stuff there.


    • I think you’ll enjoy many of Nancy’s posts, Evelyne. I’m always interested in her summaries of various events she’s attended, and she’s very generous with her time in posting those, as well as sharing her own experiences, too. Good to see you hear today, as well. Hope things are going well with your new book. Keep us posted on everything, especially any new promos, etc, you’d like us to share.


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