My new release, a sweet billionaire romance

Despite the Billionaire's RichesI’m excited to share my newest book with you! Despite the Gentleman’s Riches: A Sweet Billionaire Romance just went live, and I’m keeping the ebook price at 99 cents for the first two weeks so friends and family can get a good deal. If even that sounds like too much, all of my books are enrolled in KDP Select, so you can borrow them for free if you subscribe to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited. I hope you’ll consider making my launch a success by downloading a copy!

Here’s what a couple of my early reviewers had to say:

“I read the whole book in one sitting because I could not leave it unfinished.” — Sharon H. McConathy

“This book is staying on my Kindle as a “LOVED” story, and I will re-read again and again.” — S. Chia

Several others told me that I made them cry, which I guess is a good thing….

I’ll be back next week with some more helpful information, but now I’m off to relentless self-promote elsewhere. Thanks for reading!

(Oh, but before I go, is anyone else joining NaNoWriMo? I didn’t mean to, but went ahead and set up an account last weekend…and have since written 10,000 words. I guess it’s pretty effective after all! If you do join, I’d love it if you add me as a writing buddy so we an spur each other on.)

4 thoughts on “My new release, a sweet billionaire romance

  1. One clicked it! Sounds fun and I hope your launch goes great.

    I made them cry, which I guess is a good thing
    Not as good as making them scream. πŸ˜‰

    This is my 11th NaNo! I love NaNo. I’m hiding there under the very clever alias of jenrasmussen, be sure to buddy me!

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      • Fantastic, Aimee! Congratulations, and I wish you MUCH success with this one. Sounds very romantic, and I love the cover. Will Tweet immediately! Hope you enjoy NaNoWriMo, too. I don’t have enough hands OR brain power to tackle that right now, but someday…!

        As for crying vs screaming, well…I say, why not BOTH? I like crying AND screaming, myself. πŸ˜€


        • Thanks, Marcia! I’m glad you like the cover — I tried three different ones before this one finally stuck. πŸ™‚

          I suspect I’ll get behind on NaNoWriMo today as I obsessively check my stats over and over. But, hey, I’m a bit ahead, so it’ll all even out, right?


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