Writers Wanted!

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Are you a writer? Would you like a few more people to find out about you and your books…for FREE? I’d love to interview you for my Wednesday Author Interview series. Just email me at mmeara@cfl.rr.com, and I’ll give you the full details. It’s easy and fun, and you might pick up a few more readers, too. And I have an opening tomorrow! Act fast and it could be YOURS.

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2 thoughts on “Writers Wanted!

  1. I’d love to do an interview on Bookin’ It, but, um, does it mean I have to talk on Skype or a phone or something? I’ve been hesitant to beg you for one because I was afraid that might be the case. If I can do it in writing though I’d be honored some time. 🙂

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    • Rest easy, Dear Heart! No Skype for me…except for near-daily chats with my adorable grandbaby. It’s all done via email, and then I’ll put it together for the post. And YOU’VE DONE IT NOW! I’ll be crushed if you don’t go ahead and let me schedule you. (I’ll email you shortly.) Can’t WAIT to talk about you and Ghost in the Canteen!


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