My Inspiration for Everly’s General Store in Wake-Robin Ridge,
Though Everly’s is Much Larger, Of Course

Finally decided to set up an author page, focused on writing. Not just my own, though there will be plenty of that, but also discussions and interactions with other writers, as well. Bookin’ It was always intended to be a blog focused on reading, to include book reviews, covers, release dates, and discovering new authors, via interviews and recommendations. It will remain the same as it has always been, but my personal content will be moved here. This will include news on promos, giveaways, and release dates of my books. It will also feature excerpts from my published books, and from new works in progress.

You’ll be able to get sneak peeks at some of the things I have in the works right now, and be able to make comments on those, as well. And you’ll be able to ask questions at any time, about my published books, my characters & more. If it concerns Wake-Robin Ridge, Swamp Ghosts, or Summer Magic, it’s fair game. If you have ideas and thoughts about sequels or new plot lines you’d like to see, let me know. I’ve got the sequels to both Wake-Robin Ridge and Swamp Ghosts well underway. Want to get a hint of what’s coming up for Mac and Sarah, or have thoughts about what will happen with Hunter and Willow? Here’s the place to ask. Have a question about something that happened in one of my books? Ask me, but be sure to mark it “SPOILERS” when appropriate, so we don’t give anything away to new readers.

If you are a writer, and want to talk about your new book, have a discussion on Prologues: For or Against, or are wondering just how hard it is to self-publish an e-book, feel free to ask that, too. I’ll be glad to open up a post or discussion, if I haven’t already got one underway. I’ll be throwing out topics for discussion, too, on everything from How To Beat Writer’s Block, to Researching Celtic Mythology. Anything and everything pertaining to writing, in other words. Of course, until this gets going, I’ll probably have to wing it with sharing about my own stuff, but I hope it will soon be a real mix of topics and discussions. That’s my goal.

In the meantime, have fun. Enjoy the photos and excerpts, and don’t be shy. Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Please don’t forget to push that FOLLOW button, and join us. And if you are writer, say hi! I probably have questions geared just for you!


10 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Thank you SO much, Kitten! And you are my very first “responder” here, too. Yay! I think that’s appropriate, being what a huge help you’ve been to me throughout most of my Works In Progress. It was my lucky day when you agreed to be a Beta reader for me. Hope you’ll find this blog an interesting place to visit when you have time (which I know is limited for you). I’m really looking forward to making it interesting and fun. Have a great day!!


    • Hi, Mishka! I’m glad you like the set up, though I’m already thinking of changing the name. More on that later, but it would be nice if it better reflected what the site is about, and that isn’t just ME. 🙂 Hope you’ll soon do a guest blog for us. Thanks so much for following, and so glad you stopped by. (And yes, I really miss your comments on Rabbit.)


    • Thanks, Katkin! So nice of you to stop by and take a look. When this gets going, it might be a place you like to visit, just to see what various writers are up to. Have a great day!


  1. Thank you, Marcia, and I hope that means you’ll be stopping by often. I’d like this site to be one more place you can promote your books by sharing new releases, excerpts, and any other news you’d like to get “out there.” I’d also like it to be a place where you can meet and chat with other authors, and learn from each other. Some networking, some promotions, some fun! Those are my goals. Good to see you here today, too.


  2. Hi, Marcia! I found you through Ned Hickson’s blog, and I love what you’re doing here to help writers promote themselves and each other. It takes so much time to write good content that trying to figure out the “right” ways to put it out in the universe sometimes overwhelms me to the point of near-paralysis. This is shaping up to be a great resource, so thank you for sharing your insights.

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    • Hi, Karen! So sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. WordPress has stopped sending me emails when someone comments or follows my blogs. As you can imagine, this makes it very difficult to find new members or respond to their comments.

      I’m so glad you found the blog (and through one of my very favorite places to visit, too). Over time, I hope this will become a place where we writers can really help each other, offer support, and promote our work. I agree with you completely. Self-publishing is great. Self-marketing…NOT SO MUCH SO! Gah. It drives me crazy, and it eats into my writing time way too much. I hope this will be a one-stop place for anyone who who loves writing, but especially for new indies, who are looking for information, and friendship, and help promoting their work. If you, like me, are intimidated by some of the boards and other resources out there, maybe this will be a friendly feeling place, where you can talk about anything, including your MOOD that day concerning your creative efforts.

      Thanks so much for joining us, and I look forward to getting to know you better.


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