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“I Can’t Believe I  Ate The WHOLE Thing!”

Short and sweet POV today: Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

There’s an old expression (someone remind me who said it) that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, else what’s a heaven for? While I think this is true in the main, as I said last week, I do think goals should be attainable. With lots of work, perhaps, but within reach. Except for those truly lofty ideas  we might expect to receive only after reaching whatever afterlife we might aspire to.

And that’s it. Aim high, but not impossibly so. Reward yourself for each goal you accomplish, and most importantly, never give up. Makes sense to me.

NOTE: BTW, I answered my own question. The quote is from a poem by Robert Browning, just in case anyone else was wondering. 😀

#MidWeekPOV – Thank You! #wwwblogs

Some Days, I Need All the Legs I Can Get!
Extra Hands Would be Good, Too!

Just want to say thank you to everyone who shared the news about #MysteryGoneMad, which is moving along very quickly, AND to all of you who have contacted me about my recent post on Sharing. I’ve been reminding folks regularly that this blog is for ALL of us, but something struck a chord this time. I’ve been inundated with wonderful emails from followers who would like to let the world know about their work, and  we have some great guest posters coming up in the days ahead!

My Wednesday POV?  Here it is: Writers are the most supportive and encouraging group of people  in the world! Yes, I’ve said it before, but it’s STILL my POV, so it’s worth repeating. We share our news, and then we share the news of others. It’s what The Write Stuff is all about!

Thank you ALL for everything you do to help spread the word! And stay tuned for a brand new guest poster on Friday!

#MidWeekPOV #wwwblogs Recharging Creativity

 dupontfalls9Mountains, Every Chance I Get

I’m coming to you today from Charleston, South Carolina, and my MidWeek POV looks very different. Usually, I’m at my home in central Florida, specifically, at my computer, where I spend the majority of my life. But today, I’m having fun visiting with my daughter’s family, and playing with my two-year-old grandson, Kaelen, while my husband takes a look at some electrical issues in the fixer-upper my daughter and SIL just bought.

One thought led to another, and I decided my POV today should  focus on changes of pace.  Vacations. Or, if you’re living on the other side of the pond, holidays. Do you take them? If so, where? How long? Are you a beach person or a mountain person? Do you like little weekend get-aways, or month-long escapes? And most of all, do you come home feeling recharged and reinspired, ready to write the next chapter in your WIP? (You do have a WIP, don’t you?)

Normally, we are short trip folks. With six animals, it’s hard (and expensive) to take longer vacations. We tend to go for daytrips in our area. Museums, historical sites, a hike in the woods. A canoe trip on a local river. That type of thing. But once in a while, we decide to go farther afield. We bite the bullet, board the animals, and hit the highway. I’m longing to go to the mountains again, before too long, but this trip to Charleston was our first priority. And I know I’ll come home tired, happy, and ready to write again.

I’d love to hear what recharges YOUR batteries, and restores your creativity, when you realize you are running low. As always, inquiring minds wanna know.

Beaches Can Be Nice, Too