Siren Excerpt

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Siren glanced down. The cat was the only thing visible in the shadows around their feet, his stark white fur practically glowing in the dark and his large, unblinking eyes catching the flickering lightning in an iridescent display when it flashed.

“I’ll just stand here and shiver to death then.”

A perturbed breath lodged in Carver’s throat and he took a step back, blocking out the minimal light streaming through the door behind him. “Oh for crying out loud,” he sighed again. “I’ll take care of the alarm now. I just have to find it first. Nobody move, please.”

Siren had no intention of moving. She felt weird enough as it was, standing in the middle of a stranger’s sun porch with a wicked storm raging just beyond the shutters blocking out the world. The humid air smelled clean, like laundry had only just been taken from the dryer and the owners gave everything a good scrub down with pine cleaner and lemon-scented dusting spray moments before they walked through the door.

In the dark, however, every sound was amplified. Carver’s scuffed dress shoes clomped quietly across the hardwood, and she swore Mr. Pounce was scratching at himself as if he’d come down with a bad case of fleas. The cool floorboards creaked beneath her sandy feet, her knee clicking audibly as she started to turn away from the window to stare into the house around her. Continue reading

Happy Teaser Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’ve been so absent lately, bogged down with work and writing, and I’ve been neglecting so many of my online things. I hope everyone is doing well here, that you’re all writing your way through the winter. It’s ridiculous cold here, and I’m so tired of snow, I’m about to crawl into a cave and hibernate until my birthday near the end of May. I am not a winter person at all. So depressing, and the cabin fever is just ugh!

So, I keep myself busy with tons of work, and I’m getting tons of writing done. Sadly, my own blog has suffered terribly from this winter-avoidance spell. You’d think it would be the opposite, but no. Fortunately, this week I had some time to put together a Teaser Tuesday to promote Siren, which is currently on sale over at Amazon for just $.99 through February 21. If you haven’t had a chance to snag a copy yet, now would be an excellent time to pick one up, plus, it’ll give you something to read the next time you get snowed in, or, you know, if you’re one of those lucky people who gets to wear shors and tanktops through the winter months and you just so happen to be headed toward the beach! I wish I was at the beach right now.

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On sale for just $.99 through February 21 over on Amazon US or UK

If you’re a member of the KULL program, you can borrow and read Siren free with your subscription.*

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