Siren Excerpt

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Siren glanced down. The cat was the only thing visible in the shadows around their feet, his stark white fur practically glowing in the dark and his large, unblinking eyes catching the flickering lightning in an iridescent display when it flashed.

“I’ll just stand here and shiver to death then.”

A perturbed breath lodged in Carver’s throat and he took a step back, blocking out the minimal light streaming through the door behind him. “Oh for crying out loud,” he sighed again. “I’ll take care of the alarm now. I just have to find it first. Nobody move, please.”

Siren had no intention of moving. She felt weird enough as it was, standing in the middle of a stranger’s sun porch with a wicked storm raging just beyond the shutters blocking out the world. The humid air smelled clean, like laundry had only just been taken from the dryer and the owners gave everything a good scrub down with pine cleaner and lemon-scented dusting spray moments before they walked through the door.

In the dark, however, every sound was amplified. Carver’s scuffed dress shoes clomped quietly across the hardwood, and she swore Mr. Pounce was scratching at himself as if he’d come down with a bad case of fleas. The cool floorboards creaked beneath her sandy feet, her knee clicking audibly as she started to turn away from the window to stare into the house around her. Continue reading

Happy Teaser Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’ve been so absent lately, bogged down with work and writing, and I’ve been neglecting so many of my online things. I hope everyone is doing well here, that you’re all writing your way through the winter. It’s ridiculous cold here, and I’m so tired of snow, I’m about to crawl into a cave and hibernate until my birthday near the end of May. I am not a winter person at all. So depressing, and the cabin fever is just ugh!

So, I keep myself busy with tons of work, and I’m getting tons of writing done. Sadly, my own blog has suffered terribly from this winter-avoidance spell. You’d think it would be the opposite, but no. Fortunately, this week I had some time to put together a Teaser Tuesday to promote Siren, which is currently on sale over at Amazon for just $.99 through February 21. If you haven’t had a chance to snag a copy yet, now would be an excellent time to pick one up, plus, it’ll give you something to read the next time you get snowed in, or, you know, if you’re one of those lucky people who gets to wear shors and tanktops through the winter months and you just so happen to be headed toward the beach! I wish I was at the beach right now.

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On sale for just $.99 through February 21 over on Amazon US or UK

If you’re a member of the KULL program, you can borrow and read Siren free with your subscription.*

*Kindle Unlimited Lending Library is available to Amazon U.S., Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon Mexico subscribers at this time.

Happy Teaser Tuesday

I am really excited about this week’s Teaser Tuesday, and have been chomping at the bit to share it with you guys for hours! I have come to love making these images, and I’m particularly proud of this one. I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself until I have a new book to promote once this one’s out in the wild, ha!

I’m also bouncing up and down in my seat because there are less than two weeks until release day, and there’s only one Teaser Tuesday left. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a book release all year.

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Coming to Kindle/Kindle App January 5, 2015! Now available for pre-order: Amazon US, Canada, UK,Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Australia

For signed paperback pre-orders, follow the link to the Siren main page on my site.

You can now read the entire first chapter right here!

It’s Teaser Tuesday Again!

I love sharing these with you guys. I think because throwing these teasers together each week has actually been one of my favorite parts about promoting this book. Finding the right quotes and moments to go with the right images, it’s so much fun. I hope you enjoy this week’s teaser!

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Siren is now available for pre-order: Amazon US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, India (coming soon), Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

For signed paperback pre-orders, follow the link to the Siren main page on my website.

Why I Do NaNoWriMo Every Year

Hey everybody! I’m Jennifer Melzer. This is my first blog here at The Write Stuff, and since we’re about 1/3 of the way through the month of November, I want to talk about a topic near and dear to my heart: National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo.

nanowrimo 2014I have a non-writer friend who rolls his eyes at me every October and asks, “Why do you do this ridiculous NaNoBlahBlah thing? It drives you crazy, stresses you out and makes you super grouchy. I think you should stop doing it, and just do the same thing you do every other month… Write.”

Maybe he has a really good point. I spend the other eleven months of the year writing until my keyboard smokes like it’s no big thing. Then November starts to draw near. I get a little itchy under the skin and start plotting mayhem because despite my ability to write like mad every other month, for some reason November is pure madness. I don’t know if it’s because of the impending holidays, maybe Daylight Savings Time, or some other rare cosmic alignment I’m completely unaware of, but it is really difficult to finish a short novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

edgelanders coverI know this, but every year I open up the site, start filling in the details about the novel I’m going to write and boom! It’s on like Donkey Kong. There’s hair pulling, tons of whining, flailing and even a few tantrums that are downright childish, but I almost always manage to push through it ahead of the game. In 2013, I changed novels midway through the month, throwing my entire word count out the window and starting from scratch. It was absolute madness, but in the last two weeks of November, I wrote just over 50,000 words. In 2012 I wrote the first 60,ooo words on my epic fantasy novel, Edgelanders, and shared it chapter by chapter while I was writing it. It was chaos, pure insanity every single day, but there was something about it that sang to my soul.

siren email promoI love writing under pressure. I love the weight of a deadline pressing down upon my shoulders while the muse yaps incessantly in my ear. This year it’s extra chaotic. I have editing clients I’m working with, I’m in the middle of promoting my upcoming novel, Siren (which is now available for pre-order on Amazon!),  there’s a game I’m really looking forward to playing coming out next week, I am in serious need of a haircut and it’s darn near time to cook a turkey, but I’m ahead of schedule on my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m moving right along, and I know I’m going to finish the requirements, and the first draft of my urban fantasy novel, Promises, Promises.

And THAT is why I do NaNoWriMo every year. Because I love, love, love the pressure and the chaos.

I blog about NaNoWriMo every single day in November! Drop by my site, subscribe to the feed and feel free to join in the conversation! I’d love to have you there.