Every now and then, I find a few minutes to create a graphic or two. After I finished with my Christmas sale images, I figured why not do a generic review reminder? One that hopefully won’t be a problem with Amazon, since it doesn’t mention anyone’s books specifically and doesn’t suggest giving a book in exchange for a review. I think this one should be fine. If you have a use for it, please feel to save it. I plan to use it on Twitter, etc, since I want to encourage readers to leave more reviews, period, for any author they like. Maybe this will help. Enjoy!

Graphics Goodie


Taking a break from yard work. It’s so stinkin’ hot out there today, I was getting dizzy. So, came in and made this, just for fun. Please feel free to share! 🙂 In fact, if you haven’t shared anything in recent days, I encourage you to scroll through the last week’s posts and share to your heart’s content. We will all appreciate it, and we’ll do the same for you. Have a great rest of the weekend!