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I think I’ll start off the new month with a brand new series,  just for fun. Nothing necessarily serious or deeply thought provoking, but instead, little mini-surveys from time to time that might prove entertaining. I’ll make this first one really easy:

Coffee or Tea? 

I, myself, am a confirmed tea drinker and have been since my early 20s. That’s more than fifty years now, but who’s counting, right? I do like the taste of coffee, though only if it’s full of enough cream and sugar to make it the caloric equal of a very rich milkshake. But being a true Southerner, I was raised drinking iced tea at supper every night, and just went on from there.  I also learned years ago that 3 cups of black (as opposed to green or white or herbal) tea a day reduces your chances of osteoporosis by over 30%! And given my bad fall a little while back, I honestly think it may have saved me from a fractured skull and possible brain bleed. (My doctor says I have the densest bones of anyone my age she’s ever seen.)

Bottom line, I love hot tea and iced tea, and drink both straight and unadulterated. My favorites are Earl Grey and Scottish Breakfast Tea, though I have a shelf filled with many others, just in case I want something different for my second and third cups of the morning.

Now It’s Your Turn!
(Feel free to expound on your answer, or not, as the mood strikes you.)




#QuestionOfTheDay – #AmReading – #AmWriting

A discussion on Monday’s #This&That&TheOtherThing post made me ask myself if rereading my own books now and then is a really weird thing to do. Honestly, I couldn’t decide, so I figured I’d toss the question out to all of you. Do you reread your own books now and then? Why? Or why not? 

I do, but not more often than once a year or so. And I do it for several reasons:

  1. To remember small details that I might want to mention going forward in the series.
  2. To see if I’ve been consistent throughout with certain plot points.
  3. To help me see what I did then that I’ve learned how do better now.
  4. To remind myself that I’m finally following my dream and have the proof of that right in front of my eyes. 

At my age, I’m not likely to spend a lot of time revising what’s already out there. I’ve chosen to use my remaining writing years telling new stories and hopefully improving my skills as I go.

But how about you? Do you move on without ever looking back? Or do you reread now and then, and if so, why? 

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