Today marks 33 years since Mark and I got married, on a little bridge that arched over the Wekiva River. We’d spent four years hiking, camping, and canoeing on that river and others in central Florida, so to us, it was the perfect place to share our marriage vows. 

I can still see the crystal clear, turquoise water from the springs flowing under the bridge, while a red-shouldered hawk made lazy circles across a blue silk sky above us. A mossy, green-backed turtle paddled by below, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect for an outdoor celebration. And guess what? We’re still chugging along after all these years, not quite as spry or flexible as we once were, but enjoying the ride, regardless.

Yes, we still love the river and woods, though we haven’t hiked  into the wilderness to camp lately. These days, we cruise the St. Johns River from the shaded comfort of an eco tour boat, instead of a canoe, but it’s just as beautiful as ever, and a lot easier on our backs. 

Mark stayed home from work today so we can spend the afternoon browsing antique stores–or whatever else strikes our fancy.  Yeah, we’re “old fogies” now, as my grandmother would have said, but we’re doing just fine overall, loving life and each other as much as ever. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!