#Let’sTalk – Blogs vs Websites

Good Morning, Everyone!

After a wonderful afternoon at Enterprise Museum, sharing some wildlife info with some terrific folks and friends, I’m feeling pretty inspired today. I’m ready to take on some long-postponed tasks (including writing) and get ON with Life once again! Hope you are all feeling inspired, too.

One thing I’ve been wondering about is whether or not it’s worth the trouble to set up a website in addition to my blog. I never gave it much thought before, but since I’ve promised myself I’m going to do more marketing this year, I thought it might be a good place to start. The problem is, I’ve never had an actual website before and have no idea as to the particulars of setting one up, OR the benefits to be derived from one. So, my question of the day is, how many of you have separate websites and how do you use them? Are they worth the effort? Or would I just be adding more work to a stack of things I’m already behind on?

Inquiring minds wanna know, so I hope some of you will share your experiences, both pro and con, with us today.

#LetsTalk – #QuickQuestion – #KeepsakeBooks

I know I’m supposed to be on a break, but a friend of mine called today to ask how she would go about getting TWO books (gifts for her grown children) published. She’s not interested in selling, but rather putting together keepsake style books, with photos, memories, and family recipes. I have no clue how to do something like this. Would she look for a local printer to handle it? Is there any way for her to contact someone who could format it for her? I don’t even know what her first step would be.  *Hangs head in embarrassment, here*

It occurred to me that I might like to do this one day, too, and that perhaps some of you would, as well, so maybe this topic would make for a good discussion? 

Any and all thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and might be useful to lots of us. THANKS!

#Let’sTalk – #MarketingIdeas – #WhatWorksAndWhatDoesn’t

Am I the only one who thinks that marketing is the most difficult, frustrating, and downright annoying part of writing that could possibly exist? (Somehow I doubt I am.) But whether that’s really true or not, marketing still needs to be done, and I’ve sworn for YEARS I was going to get better at it. *sigh* I haven’t. In fact, I’m so awful at it that I woke up today inspired to start a new series of posts where we can all share our thoughts on marketing and lots of other subjects from time to time. I’ve found this writing /blogging community to be among the most generous, supportive, and helpful group of folks I’ve ever met, so I’m hoping many of you will be willing to weigh in on all sorts of topics coming up in the weeks ahead.

With that in mind, here’s what I’m wondering today:

What is your favorite way to market your books?
Which paid forms of marketing have you had the most success with?
Are there any types of marketing writers should be avoiding?

I’ll start by saying I’ve never marketed my books anywhere other than  through blogging, and local sales. For several years, I sold quite a few books at every wildlife talk I gave and really enjoyed signing them after the talks. Trouble is, many in my audiences now have all of my books, so that market has been “saturated.” I need to branch out. (And to have this brain fog lift enough to enable me to finish my WIP, because I understand new books are a great way to sell OLD ones.)

NOTE: Jan Sikes has been running a series of very detailed posts on Story Empire, going into the pros and cons of various types of marketing.  It’s an excellent series, and you can check out the first post HERE. Thanks for reminding me of this series, Jan! LOTS of great info!

Now I’m going to turn the discussion over to you guys. Please feel free to share any marketing or promotional questions, ideas, and worries you might have. And we’d especially love to hear about some things that have worked … or NOT worked … for you. 

Thanks for joining the conversation!