Whew! We Were Spared!!

NOTE: Just after I posted this, Elsa made landfall near Cedar Key. (A good distance north of us. 65mph winds, and from the map, it looks as though Gainesville (where my son lives) is now being hit by those eastern bands. We are “officially” in the clear here.) 

Just a quick note to let you know that Hurricane Elsa was once again downgraded to a tropical storm, and didn’t come ashore yet. It barely missed a direct hit on Tampa, apparently, and has continued northward up the coast.

Here, we were greeted by torrential rains  from one of the wicked eastern bands at 6:00am this morning , but any serious wind must have blown through overnight. Thus far, we seem to have escaped any damage, and I think my son & family did, as well, though an hour or two ago, they were getting a LOT of heavy rain. But nothing dire.

I believe we are out of Elsa’s reach now, unless she does a sudden U-turn, but please keep the folks still in her path in your thoughts and prayers. It can gain strength again before finally touching land, and even as a tropical storm, can cause a lot of wind and flood damage. 

And a HUGE thank you for all the well wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, and encouragement. It really helped me deal with the prepareation and stress involved over the last couple of day. I’m going to try to catch up with some comments, but bear with me if it takes a while. In the meantime, I must say, you guys ROCK!

Hurricane Elsa Update …

Yep, it looks like Elsa will be a hurricane when it hits Tampa, which means those folks over there could have all kinds of things to deal with, even if it’s a mild hurricane, including possible storm surge, etc. And it definitely means we be getting the outer bands of the storm, so it might get pretty unpleasant over here, too. I’m hoping not, but there’s nothing to do at this point but to wait and see how it plays out. Will get back with you folks on the other side, which could be a day or two if we have much damage or lingering power outages. But I’ll let you know how we fared as soon as I can.

Thanks for understanding why I may not be able to take part in tomorrow’s Ten Things post, but again, I do hope you’ll enjoy it, regardless. And I’ll join in as soon as possible!

Thinking of everyone in the storm’s path, and hoping you ALL stay safe!