Do You Have A Favorite Blog for Grammar Tips?


One of the things I’d like to do with this blog, is share resources with each other, especially ones that are thorough, yet easy to understand. Most of you are probably a lot younger than I, so this might not be quite as big of a problem, but I went to high school a very long time ago…graduated in 1962, to be exact. (Your math is correct. That’s more than 50 years ago!) But my point is that my English, while better than average, probably, is far less than perfect. And for me, good grammar is essential when writing a book. Don’t ever think that people won’t notice, because they do. And they mention things like that in reviews, which are so important to the sale of your books. So, unless you are an English teacher (and maybe even then, on occasion), you are going to want to have a quick and easy reference to grammar rules close at hand.

I have my trusty copy of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style on my desktop, of course. (I firmly believe every writer needs a copy of that.) But I often head to websites and blogs that provide quick and easy to remember ways of refreshing the rules for me. One of the most useful blogs I’ve found is C. S. Lakin’s  blog, Live, Write Thrive. She has some of the best and easiest ways to remember grammar rules, plus she gives fantastic advice on plotting, structure, and other topics we writers often want to learn more about. 

When I Google for something like “the difference between affect and effect,” say, I frequently end up on Grammar Girl’s site, too, though I have to say, the page itself has gotten a bit unwieldy for me these days, with a ton of pop-ups and a less user-friendly interface than it once had. That could just be my browser, perhaps. But there’s a lot of great info to be found there.

I’d love to know what resources you’ve found that you can’t live without. I’m talking quick and easy references here, as opposed to the larger writing forums out there. Is there a blog, bulletin board, or website you use regularly? Inquiring minds wanna know! 🙂