#GoodNews! – #HealthUpdate

Some of you know it’s been  almost 9 months since I first developed Long Covid, and I’ve only recently found out that science has determined LC can cause all sorts of damage to our internal organs. In my case, it has done some permanent damage to my heart.

Where’s the good news, you ask? Well … here it is: since I started on the heart medication about ten days ago, my symptoms have all disappeared! I’ve had exactly ONE dizzy spell, the day after I started the meds. ONE. (I’d been having rolling dizzy spells all day long, nearly every day, and  including numbness in my right leg, and other discomforts.)

Since my new medication does nothing to ease Long Covid, I suspect that my Long Covid had already disappeared some time back, leaving me with the heart damage that caused my fatigue and extreme dizziness. And now that I’m taking medication to help my heart, the symptoms have pretty much disappeared!

I will, of course, be discussing all of this when I see my cardio guy again for my 30-day follow up, but I’m beyond happy to be feeling more and more like normal every day!

Again, my purpose in sharing this with you is to remind you if you have Long Covid, you need to have your doctor(s) monitoring you for possible organ damage, and proper treatment should they find any. And you should understand that if you have suffered some organ damage, your doctor may be able to treat it and make your life much easier.  Mine sure is! 

And that’s a wrap, folks! Will update you again if there are any important changes, or I learn anything new about LC. In the meantime, PLEASE STAY HEALTHY & SAFE!