A Question for You Series Writers

While browsing through the links we’ve collected for sites to promote your books, I came across an article by Michael Gallagher of Free Kindle Books & Tips, explaining why he does not promote any books in a series, other than Book 1. He had some very good points, if you’d like to read them here. Further, he doesn’t recommend running them for free anywhere else, either.

Now I am rethinking my “official” launch of A Boy Named Rabbit, which is Book 2 of my Wake-Robin Ridge series.

How do you folks who have series out there handle this? Do you promote each book in the series the same way as you did the first one, freebies and all, or do you come up with alternate ideas? Or do you just start putting together Boxed sets, and promoting them that way? I’ve got a boxed set already up. Maybe my best bet is to run promos on that, and let A Boy Named Rabbit sales grow organically, via Mail Lists, special offers on my personal website, etc. Somehow, though,  I can’t imagine that being nearly as successful as that first free run, but I don’t want to alienate readers, either, by the fact that Rabbit is not really as effective as a stand alone book. I do make that pretty clear in my book descriptions, but we all know how often people buy without reading those carefully.