PS: #HealthUpdate – #Clarification & #ThankYou

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my health news yesterday! I should have clarified a bit more about why it took so long to discover my heart damage. Lest you think poorly of my previous cardiologist, let me assure you he had been very carefully monitoring my heart for over twenty years. I’d had carotid artery surgery way back then, and he saw me annually and did imaging of both my carotid (to be sure it remained open, which it has) and my heart, to be sure no problems were developing there. (They weren’t.)

Unfortunately, when Mark’s job disappeared and he had to retire, we were told our insurance would remain in effect through June, so I had my last cardio imaging done at that time, along with some other exams. THEN, we found out they had stopped the insurance as of May 30, and I suddenly lost all of my doctors at once! Blam!

Somewhere in the shuffle, the last image of my heart went astray and only resurfaced when it was requested by my new cardio doctor, who immediately saw the damage. Until THAT image, which was only taken a couple of months ago, mid-LC, there had never been any visible damage to my heart at all. So that’s why my new doctor believes the damage to be the direct result of LongCovid.

Since there is no medication available at present with which to treat LongCovid, yet all my miserable symptoms disappeared as soon as I started on the heart meds, I firmly believe LC is gone and probably has been for some time. Of course, it made sure to leave me a souvenir of its visit, via the damage to my heart, but happily, that IS being monitored and treated. And so far, the results have been good.

Again, please if you have LongCovid, be sure your doctors are monitoring you for any possible organ damage, so it can be treated early on! It could make a huge difference in your overall health and your quality of life!