#MondayMusings – #HappyLaborDay – #GoodLuck/BadLuck

Happy Labor Day to all my friends here in the U.S. Hope you have a fun day planned with family and friends! Me, I’m celebrating by starting a new series for the blog. As you can tell from the header, Monday Musings is the title, and it will cover whatever I’m thinking about or wondering at the time. From fun stuff to more serious chats, I’m going to post questions or observations that I hope will generate interesting conversations here on TWS. Obviously, I plan to do this on Mondays, but not necessarily every Monday. Just when I think of a topic I’d like to explore. 

Today, I’m going to toss out a totally non-serious question I think could be fun: do you have certain things you consider to be either good luck or bad? Are you at all superstitious? Inquiring minds wanna know. 😁

For myself, there are several things I’ve held to be lucky for me all my life. I think I learned them from my grandmother, but regardless of where they come from, there are a couple of things I do without even thinking. I don’t go into a blind panic about any of them, or run around screaming, “Bad luck, bad luck! We’re all gonna die!!” Nothing like that. But … I still do or say them to this day.

First, if I spill salt, I always throw a pinch over my left shoulder. This is a very old superstition dealing with the idea that the devil is always behind you on the left, watching for a chance to lead you astray. And salt has a long history of being  expensive and often difficult to obtain. Hence, spilling ANY was not a happy event, and thought to be bad luck. Tossing it over your shoulder into the devil’s eyes was how you protected yourself from him causing you serious problems. No, I don’t believe the devil is really standing behind me, nor that a bit of salt in his eyes would stop him from causing whatever deviltry he had in mind that day. But it’s something I’ve always done without even thinking about it, and it makes my husband laugh every time he sees me do it.

Another thing I automatically do is smile like crazy when I’m cooking eggs, and one of them turns out to be a double-yolker. Somewhere along the way decades ago, I read that double-yolked eggs are widely considered good luck, so when one ends up in my frying pan, I look forward to a great day.

Now it’s your turn. What things do you consider good luck or bad luck, and do you have any “ritual” you do when one of them occurs?  Or are you totally unsuperstitious altogether? Again, inquiring minds wanna know!