Anyone Use Publisher Rocket? (Formerly KDP Rocket)

I have known for some time that my books are not in the right categories and I haven’t selected the best possible keywords for them. This is something I plan to work on after September 28, when I finish the last of my local wildlife presentations. I’ll have all of October, November, and December to sort things out, and hopefully lead more people to my books. 

My biggest problem is that I don’t sit down to write a story that fits a specific genre. I tell the tale as it unfolds, and it generally touches on (or wallows in) several genres. I started by placing Wake-Robin Ridge in Romantic Suspense, because–well, because I didn’t know where else to put it. But actually, most of my books are more Suspenseful Romance, with romance being the dominant theme.

One difference this makes to readers who might be misled by the category is that Suspense and Mystery lovers expect the book to wrap up as soon as the big reveal happens. Once they know “who-dun-it,” in other words. Romance readers can get downright angry if they go through all the drama with a couple, and yet the book doesn’t deliver the HEA they’ve been waiting for. So, putting books into the best category can help writers avoid readers who either end up bored with the last few chapters of the book, or who feel shortchanged because they didn’t get invited to the wedding.

I keep reading great reports about the effectiveness of the new version of KDP Rocket, which is now called Publisher Rocket. Not only does it help you “drill down” to specific categories, but it helps you find the best possible keywords, so folks can find your books. I’ve read posts by some pretty knowledgeable folks in the writing/blogging world, and I’m seriously thinking of investing in this to help me find the best way to market my books, past and future.

Before I commit, I’d like to know if any of you have tried Publisher Rocket, and if so, are you happy with it? I’ve been impressed with the videos and testimonials, but I’d like to hear from people I know a bit better. 

Any and all comments, pro or con, would be useful in helping me decide if this is the right choice for me. THANKS!

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