Aristotle Gave Us More than Philosophy

An absolutely wonderful post today on Story Empire from Staci Troilo, regarding Aristotle and the true definitions of Comedy vs Tragedy. Hint: it isn’t necessarily what you think. Do yourself a favor and check it out, then if you would, please consider passing it along so others can, too. Thanks and thanks to Staci for teaching me something brand new today! 🙂

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Comedy TragedyCiao, SEers. Have you ever heard the term polymath? I had to dig deep into my college days to remember the definition. (We won’t discuss how long ago that was.)

A polymath is a person with knowledge in a wide range of topics. Polymaths go far beyond the Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none level of understanding and experience. These are experts in multiple fields. We often think of the Renaissance when we think of polymaths, Leonardo DaVinci being among the most famous. But there have been several throughout history. And Aristotle was one of them.

We tend to think of him as a philosopher. But among his many fields of expertise were arts, sciences, economics, politics, and metaphysics.

As this is a writing site, we’re going to talk about Aristotle’s contributions to literature. Not his work itself, but his defining of the terms comedy and tragedy.

Aristotelian Comedy
In an Aristotelian comedy, the…

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Expansion Pack: The Crucible

A most excellent post on Story Empire today from C. S. Boyack, regarding putting your characters “in the crucible” to give them challenges that will “remake” them and change the direction of their lives dramatically. Check it out, and then, if you would, pass it along so others can think about this, too. Thanks, and thanks to Craig for giving me some serious food for thought. 🙂

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Hi gang, Craig with you again. Most of my posts seem to be about characters, so why should today be any different? Today, I’m going to share a little tip to help your main character get that all-important character arc.

Every person out there has an idea of who they are. There are things they take pride in, enjoy, that motivate them. There are also things they hate, loathe, and demotivate them. I’ll refer to this as the character paradigm. It’s the whole of who that person is.

Our job as authors is to put those characters in the crucible to make sure they have a way to change over the course of the story. One way to do this is to destroy the character paradigm.

I don’t consider this plotting, pantsing, or something in between. All of us do some kind of character development. Maybe you use Character Sheets

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How to Publish with KDP: Part Twelve

If you are at all confused about formatting your book for publication on Amazon, Harmony Kent’s step-by-step post today will sort things out for you beautifully. Check it out, and then, please consider sharing far and wide, so others can learn some of these tricks, too. Thanks, and thanks to Harmony for such a terrific series! 🙂

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Image courtesy of

Hello SErs. Harmony here.  As promised, here is  part twelve in the post series dedicated to taking a step-by-step look at how to get your finished manuscript from your computer and on sale on Amazon in both ebook and paperback.

If you’d like to take a look back at the previous posts in this series, please click on the links at the end of this post.

So, here’s Part Twelve: How to Edit Your eBook.

If you need a recap on how to get your Word doc ready for conversion in Calibre, you can see an older post of mine HERE (How To: From Word to Book).

This will take you through all the formatting steps you need to complete before importing into Calibre.

Once you’re ready, you can check out another step-by-step post HERE (Transforming Your Book). This shows you how to convert from Docx…

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Where was I? #multitasking

Are you, like most of us, plagued by too many distractions and too much multi-tasking? I highly recommend taking a look at Mae Clair’s interesting post today on Story Empire. I’ll bet you can identify! And I hope you’ll also consider passing it along so others can ponder this nearly-universal condition, too. Thanks, and thanks to Mae for a super post! 🙂

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Hi, SE friends! Thanks for visiting. You’re with Mae today. Do you remember when no one uttered the word multitasking? When, in the (dinosaur) days of business, projects were conducted one at a time? That manner of productivity seems to have gone the way of roller skate keys and S & H Green Stamps. Who among us doesn’t multitask? I do it on my day job and as an author. It can be mentally exhausting, stressful, and not as efficient as we think.

The other day, I left a simple two-line message for a group I’m connected with through a social platform. Eleven words total. When I went back and looked at it later, I realized there were two typos. Not the end of the world, but it’s embarrassing, and I find myself doing it more frequently. Throughout my (day) career, I have been known as a perfectionist, yet…

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What’s Up With This?

Sometimes you just have to wonder what the heck is going on in people’s minds. I’d say this isn’t for real, but it’s been in this range for several months.

You think maybe these stores are having a hard time finding someone who wants Finding Hunter this badly? (Especially given that it is not out of print and is still available on Amazon for the low, low price of $13.99. )

Hey. Maybe these are signed copies! Oh, yeah. That would explain it. (Insert derisive snort here.) 😀 

Don’t get me wrong. It is a great book, of course. (Just ask me.) But get serious!

 Anyone else find things like this now and then?  Just curious. 😀



Cultivate Your Audience with this Tip

Check out PH Solomon’s Story Empire post today on cultivating your audience via private groups. Some great food for thought, with lots of options out there for you to consider. And I hope you’ll also consider passing the post along so others can enjoy it, too. Thanks, and thanks to PH for his super tips. 🙂

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Good morning Story Empire readers, PH here with you today with more tips and information to help you along with your writing career. Since I began self-publishing several years ago, it’s been a long journey of learning, often through trial and error. Because I got off to a slow start marketing my book, there was a steep learning curve. Because of time spent learning, I also became someone more willing to try different things, maybe even make a few more mistakes.

With that understanding in mind, let’s explore a few more things that I’m working through for my marketing. One of my goals is to have more engagement with my reading audience. This is a little tougher than it seems and the fantasy audience for which I write can often be somewhat silent because there are a lot more men reading science fiction and fantasy. Men tend to be less…

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Words! As writers, surely we all love them them, so I highly recommend you stop by Story Empire today to take a look at Joan Hall’s post. It’s fun, interesting, and educational, all at once. While you’re there, please consider passing it along on social media so others can enjoy it too. Thanks, and thanks to Joan for a fun look at language! Great post! 🙂

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Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you on this hot July day. Hey, we’ve made it halfway through 2020! That’s an accomplishment. But I prefer not to write about the year some people refer to as the twilight zone.

Honestly, I have a couple of topics for future posts, but I haven’t put them together. So, today I thought I’d write a lighthearted post about something near and dear to all authors.


A few weeks ago, the SE authors were chatting about words that aren’t often used these days. Dastardly, meaning wicked and cruel, is one of my favorites. Can’t help but think of Dick Dastardly and Mutley. (I love to hear Mutley laugh.)

The English language is forever changing. Words that once were common are now almost obscure, while others are used regionally.

  • Skedaddle – to flee; run away hurriedly
  • Rapscallion – a mischievous person
  • Gobsmacked – astonished; utterly…

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Attention Dresdenphiles! Only One More Week Until Peace Talks – Part 2 of 2

And now for something completely different: More Harry Dresden and Crew! 😀 What, you were expecting me to move on to another addictive series? Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time for that another day. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 😀  Okay, just kidding. While there are many series I love and will surely mention here and there, none has ever come close to this one. You’re safe from any future countdown posts. Probably. 😉

Before we begin with the last few Dresden images and memes I’d like to share, let me just toss out one interesting tidbit, for those who may not have realized this. Nowhere in any of the Dresden Files books is Harry ever mentioned wearing, taking off or putting on, or even so much as owning a hat. Nope. And in fact, in one instance, he adamantly states, “I don’t do hats.” Yet, because of the gorgeous cover work of Christian McGrath, I will never be able to imagine Harry going out to do his Wizard Thing without one. And I fully approve. 


More villains, including one of the few images I could find of John Marcone, or Gentleman Johnny, as he’s known. (Yeah, I know it’s not a great one, but he came with the set.) Lara Raith and Lasciel are just plain evil, and Harry’s Godmother, the Leanansidhe is creepy as hell, but a bit more complicated to understand.

This one is more the way I picture Marcone, who’s a wonderfully worthy adversary for Harry. Evil in all the right ways, but with a weakness that makes him less of a cardboard villain and far more interesting. 


Okay, Bob. Here you go. While I’ve  mentioned Bob the Skull before, I couldn’t possibly end our Countdown Posts without another image or two. He wouldn’t stand for it. (Get it? Stand? Oh, sometimes I crack myself up!) Here’s Bob at Harry’s house.

And here he is at mine.
And yes, I dress him up for the holidays, much to his dismay. 

Found a few more illustrations of Murph out there, and while they aren’t exactly how I picture her, they’re fun, so I’m sharing them, too.

I recently came across more images of Harry’s brother, Thomas Raith, as well, and am including them for your viewing pleasure. (Maybe it’s just me, but this guy is a real treat for the eyes. No wonder he’s a card-carrying member of the White Court. 😀 )

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a pretty face, and for me, this is simply a perfect image of Thomas, just as I picture him. (That rarely happens).   I also admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for Thomas Raith, and since I can’t remember half of the plots in these books I read so long ago, I’m always in agony, wondering what will become of him. Arrggh.

While living with Harry, he became the offcial cook.
Note the t-shirt. 😀

I also decided to share a couple of scenes between Thomas and Harry as they are first getting to know each other. (Long story. You’ll have to read it. 😀 )

And now for a few more images of Dresden himself because, well–Harry!

A Graphic Novel.
(Sometimes I’m sorry I kinda outgrew comic books.)

Another “Fuego!” Moment.
(Big Time!)

The only McAnally’s Bar image I could find.
Not my favorite, but we can’t forget Mac!

Gonna Wrap Up with A Few
Funny or Profound Memes and  Quotes
Alert: May Contain Some Slightly Off Color Language!
(Nothing too dreadful, though.)

(Yeah, I know–pretty wordy for Mac.
That just goes to show you how much trouble
Harry was about take on.)

Murphy to Harry, About Harry & his Quest.
From Changes

Harry in Action

And finally, how this series will come to an end, if I get my wish!
Team Murphy, all the way!