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Inquiring minds want to know!

And now, the answers to these questions–and so many more–are available for a mere pittance. You’ll save between $2.00 and $4.00 per book while the sale lasts! 

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The 2019 Interview Series Featuring Marcia Meara

Guess who’s Don Massenzio’s guest today on his 2019 Interview Series? Yep, ME! 😀 I’m honored and excited to be featured, and I hope you’ll stop by to say hello. Don’t forget to help spread the word, too. thanks. And my heartfelt thanks to Don, as well, for inviting me to chat with his friends and followers. 🙂 ❤

Author Don Massenzio

625smallWhat comes first in your writing, the plot or the characters?

Characters. Every time. I think about someone that would probably have an interesting story to tell, like an eco-tour boat captain and a wildlife photographer. I know they’ll provide me with lots of background I’m familiar with, and I have a feel for who they are before I begin to build a mystery or drama around them.

In the case of my second Wake-Robin Ridge book, A Boy Named Rabbit, a little boy alone in the wilderness came into my mind as I was falling asleep one night. I could swear I heard Sarah Gray (from Book 1) tell me he needed for his story to be told, and by the time I woke up, I knew exactly who he was and why he was alone. I went straight to the computer and started writing down every word of…

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How D’ya Do Buckaroo?

Dudes! Tour Carrot Ranch. Lead Buckaroo, Charli Mills, tells all in this interview.


I am thrilled to have Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch here and so pleased she made room in her busy schedule for this interview. I’m not sure how best to introduce someone you probably already know so I won’t. Here she is, Charli Mills:                                                   

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A Quick Update on A Few Things

Maks and Potter

I had planned to post this earlier, but ran into so much trouble trying to access this blog, I had to give up. Decided I’d try one more time before calling this day done. I mentioned I hadn’t been feeling well, and that’s true, but it’s not serious, thankfully. Just a bad cold and totally blocked sinuses, which makes sleeping difficult for all of us, but can be really tricky if you use a CPAP machine, as  I do. The good news is, it seems to be easing up, and hopefully tomorrow will bring siginifcant improvement.

The other sad news I have is that our piebald dachshund, Potter, the older of our two ancient dogs, developed congestive heart failure last week and we had to say goodbye to him Monday morning. It was a pretty sad day around here, with his “brother”hunting for him everywhere, and me already feeling ill. Got even gloomier yesterday, as it rained all day long, too. But we are adjusting.

We adopted a 10-month-old Potter from an abusive situation more than 14 years ago, so it is very disconcerting not to have him here. I’m sure many (if not most) of you have been through similar things and know how sad it is when it comes time to say goodbye. He was good dog, though it was more than a year before he’d let Mark touch him. (Men were the enemy for a long time.) He grew into a sweet, friendly boy, and he will be sorely missed, for sure.

Tomorrow, I will try to post a sample of #ShareAReviewDay, one of the features I’m bringing back, so that new folks will see what they need to do if they’d like to take part. Will explain in much more detail then. (Assuming WordPress lets me post! ) 😀 And that’s all for now, but stay tuned! Tomorrow will be a better day!

In The Famous Words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, “Nev-ermiiiiiiiind!”

You guys were right. After three hours, the problem seems to have gone away. Even though it showed me as signed in, I think it was signing in again to respond to your comments that may have done the trick. All I know is, it looks good now, and I need to step away from the computer for an hour or two. Hopefully, it will let me post this afternoon.

Big Hugs to you guys for your encouragement. To quote another famous line, “Ah’ll be baahck.”


Okay, I know I should be able to figure this out, but I’m having trouble doing so. The following black bar has disappeared from the top of this page:

It’s the one that has the WordPress “W” on the left ands ays My Sites, and has my avatar on the right. It is still visible on my Private Beta blog, but has gone astray here. Plus, my “Edit” option under each post is gone, so I have to go in through the back door to make corrections.

I seem to be signed in, but I just can’t get this to return to the Home Page of this blog. Does anyone know what I have to do–or who I have to bribe–to get it back again? I’d sure appreciate it if any of you can help me with this. (Oddly enough, it shows up in the Preview Post window, but not on the Home Page where it’s been since I set up this blog. 😦 )

#MondayMeme – #MondayBlogs

A lot is happening around here at present–will fill you in on details in another post–so I’m keeping it short today. But I hope you’ll enjoy this one, anyway. I sure did, since it says something about being careful with punctuation, AND about the way men and women can look at the same thing, and interpret it so very differently!

The Prince’s Man really IS on #sale in the US, as well as other countries! #$0.99

See the whole post for a SPECIAL OFFER at the end…


Somehow, no matter how organised one tries to be, things outside our control still go wrong at times.

I changed the price of The Prince’s Man a couple days early, just to be sure it was live on Amazon on the day, but bizarrely enough, although it showed as $0.99 on the carousel of all my books, when people clicked through to the book page, it was still at $3.99

How does that happen?

Well, as all authors/publishers know, Amazon is a rule unto itself, and of course this happened on Friday, with (I think) limited support over the weekend, so it took a couple of days to get it fixed. Unfortunately, that means that people who may have viewed the book page and found not the bargain price they were expecting, now won’t go back there again. Sigh.

SO in case you happen to be one of those unfortunates…

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I am grateful for the warming campfires that light up this part of the blogosphere.


Do you have a burning need to write? What lights your fire? Are you inflamed by writing prompts?

Recently I started an interview series here at my blog to show my appreciation for bloggers that offer writing prompts to those of us who might need that spark of inspiration. Thinking about prompts led me to thinking about the fire triangle.

The three elements of fire used to get taught in school; apparently it has been upgraded to the fire tetrahedron so that the inherent chemical chain reaction is represented along with oxygen, fuel, and heat. But I digress, probably because this is unprompted and there are no word count restraints.


Recall that the presence of these three elements sustains the reaction that is fire. Fuel is the combustible material, sufficient heat raises the material to its ignition temperature, and oxygen sustains the combustion. Fire.

We all have fuel to…

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Release day! The Prince’s Protege is available on all channels & The Prince’s Man is on #sale #0.99

A quick announcement that my latest story is out there in the world!

The Prince’s Protégé is available from today in all outlets, at the introductory price of $2.99 – if you enjoyed THE PRINCE’S MAN and THE PRINCE’S SON, you are going to want to read this one!

If you haven’t tried them out yet, what better chance than to pick up #1, The Prince’s Man for $0.99, for the next two weeks only.

When I set out to write The Prince’s Man, I began with the tagline ‘Think James Bond meets Lord of the Rings’, because those are two of my favourite books/movies.

I’ve always felt a bit sad and frustrated for James Bond, because he is never permitted to develop as a character beyond the super smooth spy with no real life of his own. I wanted to start with a similar character, and allow him to grow and change from his life experiences. Enter Rustam Chalice – ‘ridiculously good looking’ (according to one reviewer), suave ladies-man, accomplished spy, and a vain, shallow man at the start of the story…

Being a first time fantasy author at this point (I’d previously written non-fiction and SF), I freely admit I was quite heavily influenced by Tolkein’s creations, but added my own ideas and slants to create a unique world with a history all its own that shapes the societies of The Five Kingdoms, in which the rest of the series takes place. Today, #3 in the series debuts, but believe me, there are lots more to come…

Find THE PRINCE’S MAN on sale at AMAZON, and a choice of OTHER RETAILERS

Find THE PRINCE’S PROTEGE on special release offer at AMAZON and OTHER RETAILERS