#FirstLineFriday – New #GiveawayContest – #BookTrivia

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I would be starting a little giveaway contest today, and here I am, doing just that. If you’re like me, you probably have a head stuffed full of trivia, much of which comes from books you’ve read.

With that in mind, on Friday mornings, I will be posting the opening line from a famous book. It might be classical literature, pulp fiction, or anything in between. But it will be something most of us have heard of and possibly even read. Your assignment, should you choose to play along, is to email me at marciameara16@gmail.com with the title and author of the book in question. The first 5 people to do so will win a download of one of my books, their choice. 

For those winners who have already read all of my books, you may either 1) get a credit for a free download of my next release, or 2) give me the email of a friend or family member you’d like me to send the free download to. 

That’s it. Easy-peasy.  When I run out of ideas for first lines, I’ll switch to other book-related trivia. My only criteria will be keeping it relatively simple, quick, and fun.

Of course, I’m trusting you guys to play fair. No Googling, please. No, I have no way of knowing if you look up an answer or not, but I think at least most of you are good sorts who wouldn’t dream of peeking. And the rest? Well I’ll just have to hope you aren’t eager to bring that kind of BAD KARMA down on your little punkin’ heads. 😀 Seriously, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Also, keep in mind, some of these will be much more obvious than others, as I plan to mix it up a bit. (Not everyone has been reading for over 65 years, as I have.)

Again, just email me with the correct title and author of the book from which the quoted opening line is taken.  If you are among the first five correct answers I receive, you win. 🙂  Hopefully, this will be a fun little test of your book trivia knowledge, prize or no prize. Ready to play? Here’s your first opening line:

It was a pleasure to burn.

Have at it, and good luck!