#ThorsDaySmile – #AmLaughing – #Humor – #Thanksgiving

Thor decided that any holiday that falls on ThorsDay every single year is one he fully supports. So, as a lead in to Thanksgiving next week, here are some things that made him chuckle. (In his manly, Vikingly way, of course). Hope they make you chuckle, too, in any fashion you wish. 😁 Enjoy!

And that’s it for Thor’s latest silliness!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this upcoming “feast-ival,”
and a happy weekend ahead to EVERYONE!

Happy Thanksgiving!

For all my friends here in the U.S. who celebrate Thanksgiving, may this one be your best ever, filled with all the blessings of family and friends gathered to share the bounty of the season!

For those of you who have bolstered my spirits during my recovery from The Big Fall, I am so very grateful, and I love each and every one of you. I’m doing much, much better, and truly think I’ll soon be as good as new! 🙂 

And for those of you who’ve been pestering me … I mean, asking me … about my WIP, the good news is, The Light: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 4  is FINISHED, editing and all. I’ll be working on getting the Kindle version up before we leave to visit my daughter in Denver, so stay tuned for more news on that! Hoping to do a reveal on Monday, if all goes well. 

Now get those pies baked and those cranberries … errm … cranned! You’ve got a celebration coming up tomorrow!

May your blessings keep coming!