#TeriPolen’s #BadMoonRising – Featuring #PaulaCappa – #MaeClair&StaciTroilo – #TeaganGeneviene – #HappyHalloween

Today, Bad Moon Rising features author Paula Cappa, and her spooky tales sound like something you don’t want to miss! I’m also sharing the links to the two days I missed while dealing with doctors, etc, just in case you’ve missed them. All three of these posts are terrific, so be sure to stop by for any you didn’t already visit!

Bad Moon Rising Day 21 with Paula Cappa

Bad Moon Rising Day 19 with Teagan Geneviene

Bad Moon Rising Day 18 with Mae Clair and Staci Troilo


#TeriPolen’s #BadMoonRising – Featuring #MattDoyle – #HappyHalloween

Today’s Bad Moon Rising guest is author Matt Doyle, and Matt has shared a very interesting post, indeed. I especially love that he would choose Terry Pratchett as his author mentor. (Being a huge Terry Pratchett fan, myself,  I definitely applaud this choice.)  Head on over to see what else Matt shares today.

Bad Moon Rising Day 13 with Matt Doyle