#BadMoonRising – Post 23 Featuring Mae Clair


I’m really excited to share today’s Bad Moon Rising post because it features my good friend, Penderpal, and fellow Dresdenphile, Mae Clair. You definitely want to check out Mae’s interview Q&A! It will leave you shivering, I pretty much guarantee, and I can also attest to how great her new book is, because I’m reading it right now, and loving every word! 

Check out Mae’s Post HERE

19 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising – Post 23 Featuring Mae Clair

    • I just HAD to find you a mothman, Mae! So glad you enjoyed it, and I hope loads of folks are visiting BMR and learning more about Things Old and Forgotten. I meant every word about how good this book is! You ROCKED it, and the post on Teri’s blog, too! 🤗💖🤗

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    • Glad you didn’t miss it, too, Trish. It was a great post. And I’m suffering hugely from my lack of reading time lately. I should have been able to finish Things Old and Forgotten in one delicious afternoon … but nope. I haven’t had one of those lately. Worse yet, I typically read every night in bed before falling asleep, only for the last couple of weeks, I fall asleep before I can finish two pages!! GACK!

      We are pushing very hard this weekend and tomorrow to finish some major jobs in the backyard, so I’m even more tired than usual. But it’s finally starting to shape up out there. A bit. So I don’t want to stop now. I’ll just have to go to bed and actually SLEEP for a while longer, instead of getting in at least two hours of reading first. 🙄😴

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