Five Things to Do to Combat Burnout

John Howell has an excellent post on Story Empire today on how to combat Burnout! I suspect many of us have suffered with this to one degree or another, and John offers some very useful commonsense tips you might want to take note of. I did. Hope you’ll stop by and check out his suggestions and then will pass this along so others can take advantage of them, too. Thanks and thanks to John for a timely and helpful post. πŸ™‚

Story Empire

Hello, SEers, it’s John with you again. Today I would like to discuss a condition whose very existence is hardly ever acknowledged and certainly not discussed openly. The condition that I mention is an affliction with many labels but is most commonly known as burnout.

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Burnout can happen to anyone on any occasion and any activity. Burnout can occur at a point in a task where the individual has spent too many hours facing the same situation with the same unsatisfactory results.

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So, what does burnout have to do with writing? Like any activity, writing is not immune to stress-inducing situations that require diligence to overcome. For example, think of drafting a 96,000-word manuscript and then realizing that the ending falls flat. The ending left unfixed would ruin the entire book. Depending on the amount of work put into the document, this realization could push one…

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5 thoughts on “Five Things to Do to Combat Burnout

    • Very true, Sue! I don’t think I could stand having to answer to a publishing company, especially today when you still have to do so much of your own marketing. And I have enough trouble meeting my deadlines when I’m the one in charge of them. 😯 πŸ˜€

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