Top Five Mistakes New Authors Make and How to Avoid Them

Check out John Howell’s debut post on Store Empire today: Top Five Mistakes New Authors Make and How to Avoid Them. You’ll want to make note of these mistakes and do your best to correct them, if you aren’t already working on that. John has laid them out in a clear, concise manner, and I think many of you will find them as helpful as I did. As always, please consider sharing this one with the Immediate World, so others can learn, too. Thanks so much, and thanks to John for such a helpful post! 🙂

Story Empire

Twiggy and Lucy “Lucy. What are we doing here?
“The Boss is a contributor here, Twiggy.”
“I don’t see any biscuits.”
“I think he’ll fix that. Keep smiling.”

Hello, SEers. I am delighted to be part of The Story Empire group. I have long admired the members and followers and am pleased to now be a part of the team. I feel like a kid who has been looking at penny candy with his nose pressed against the display case glass, and the shop keeper invites me to take my pick.

The good news is I’m in. The bad news is now I have to go to work.  As you know by now, you can find a wealth of information on writing, publishing, and organization on The Story Empire. The authors here have a lot of experience and are willing to share.

To that end, for my first post, I’m going to discuss…

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