It’s Always Something

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I took a bad fall a few hours ago, and the back of my head took the full blow on our ceramic tile floors. I just got home from the ER where they did a CT scan to rule out fractured skull and/or brain bleeds. The good news is, it came back clear. I’m home now, with orders to take it easy for a couple of days (like I have the energy/strength to do anything else right now). No driving, or exertion of any kind.

Sorry I can’t answer all your great posts, but I guess I need to rest. Will see how I feel in the morning. Thanks for your understanding and patience. I WILL be back as soon as possible, I promise.

28 thoughts on “It’s Always Something

  1. Don’t think about anything other than getting better – the rest can wait. We’ll all still be here when you’re good and ready. Thinking of you and sending much love and healing prayers your way. (Couldn’t you have picked a carpeted area?!) ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Ms. Marcia, I’m sending you positive vibes and healing prayers. Feel better soon. Banging your head is no fun at all. I fell and hit the back of mine on a cement wall after slipping on a tile floor playing keep away with my godson. Of course, I do it in a room full of people. Thankfully my Godson’s father was trained as an Firefighter paramedic. Anyway, they stabilized my broken thumb and placed stitches in my head after a clean CT scan. I’m not comparing injuries just saying that I get where you’re coming from. Take care and allow your hubby to help out.

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  3. I hated to click “like” on this post, because, of course, I feel awful for you! Head injuries are very scary, so I’m glad everything came back clear. Please take care of yourself, my friend. The most important thing now is to rest, heed the doctor’s orders, and concentrate on your health. We will all be here when you return. I’m sending up prayers for your healing, and sending positive energy and lots of love and hugs your way! ❤

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  4. Oh, wow! So glad your exam showed everything was ok. Take it easy and get better soon. I remember falling off a step stool at my mother’s a few years ago (the step broke under my foot) and I just barely missed hitting my head on the edge of her desk.

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  5. So sorry, what a terrible thing to happen,but thank goodness the scan came back clear. Rest and heal an don’t try to do anything until you’re feeling better. Sending prayers and good wishes for your speedy recovery.


  6. Oh My! So sad to hear of you trying to do a Simone Biles imitation. No more trying to do flips! Seriously,
    Rest up and don’t be too frisky for a few days. It’s no fun getting injured. Wishing you all the best.


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