Tonight Will (Probably) Tell the Tale

The new header image is what I’d love to think our coastline will be like by Thursday, instead of the hovering black clouds, bands of rain and wind, and possible massive storm surges that might be going on. For us in the Orlando area, it is currently dark, dismal, and raining like crazy–but the worst of what we are going to get will likely happen tonight, probably between 2:00am and 8:00am, so we’ll see how it plays out. There was a tiny shift eastward again overnight, but not very much, and it can swing back. However, it’s beyond our control, and we’ve done all we can do, except wait. 

I figured if I tried visualizing clear skies and beautiful, calm water along our beaches, maybe that’s what will soon be going on. I’m OVER this waiting and waiting, and after seeing what happened to the Bahamas, it has been a pretty scary wait, too. But one way or the other (preferably The Other), Dorian should be moving along into history. 

Meanwhile, please send your well wishes and prayers to everyone in the storm’s path, and especially to the poor folks in the Bahamas, which I think suffered the worst destruction I’ve ever seen from a hurricane. And thanks for all the love that you’ve sent our way! ❤  Will stay in touch as long as we have power. 🙂

It’s going to be a very long day around here. 

25 thoughts on “Tonight Will (Probably) Tell the Tale

  1. Hang on in there, Marcia! I didn’t know that hurricanes could just creep along – or even stall altogether – until the ‘stalked by a turtle’ comments yesterday. Tragically, that seems to be exactly what’s happened to the Bahamas. Everything’s still crossed and I’m focusing on your header image and willing it to happen. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Perfect, Trish! That is the picture I want showing up on TV screens all over the country VERY SOON. Life returning to normal, especially for those who live along the coastline, who are still in serious danger. Being farther inland (40 miles or so), we may or may not be hammered–I’m hoping NOT–but they probably will be.

      As for the Bahamas, I have no words to express how horrified I was at the images coming out yesterday. The speed of travel for a hurricane is usually impacted by the temperature of the water and how long it’s over open areas. They gather strength over warm water (and often speed, too). They tend to slow down and weaken a bit when they come inland. I think with the Bahamas, it was the combination of being “anchored” by the land, while still drawing strength from the waters. Of course, I’m no meteorologist, so I could be totally wrong, but that’s what it felt like. Truly, it was heartbreaking, and whatever comes up our coast will not likely be anything to that extent. But again, hurricanes are unpredictable.

      I saw a man on TV yesterday who refused to cut his vacation short, even though he was staying in a mandatory evacuation area, because he said he’d like to have a chance to “witness what nature can do.” He said it was “cool.” Personally, I think people that stupid should be weeded out of the gene pool. I’m just sayin’ … If you aren’t going to evacuate when told, 1) you need a better reason than it would be “cool,” and 2) you should not be allowed to ask rescue workers to RISK THEIR LIVES trying to get you out of a place you were told leave. I’d bet MONEY those people trapped in the Bahamas didn’t think what they were seeing was “cool” and would have given anything to leave, had they had a choice.

      GAH. The more I see people with attitudes like that, the more I like animals. 😀

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    • I’m hoping that all of you along the northward path are spared most of the damages from this one. It has reduced in strength considerably, and that’s a good thing, but no guarantee of safety. Keeping you in my thoughts, as we wait to see just how big of a hit we will take. (Minimal, minimal, minimal! Chanting, here.) 🙂

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    • Thanks, Mary. Calm would be LOVELY, both from the storm and for me. I’ve been way more worried and stressed than usual, having taken such a bit hit last time. But I’m feeling cautiously optimistic today. Still, filling up containers of water and taking care of a few more small things to be sure we’re ready. 🙂 In case!

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    • Thanks, Mae, and ME TOO!! I’m worn out with it all! I can’t wait for it to be ancient history. It’s the endless waiting and the uncertainty that’s so exhausting. But feeling a bit better about the current predictions than I did yesterday, so we’ll see what happens tonight. 🙂 ❤ (PS, still can't reach you via email.)

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    • Thank you, Robbie. If we come through this pretty much unscathed, the first thing I’m going to do is call a couple of tree companies to evaluate the trees we still have around the house and give me prices on what they recommend. Should have done it months ago, but it’s so pricey, I was postponing it. And now, that’s my biggest worry. A tree falling on our bedroom would really interrupt my night’s rest!!! 😯


  2. Marcia, I can’t remember but this seems to be the slowest hurricane EVER! I’m so sorry you and others have had to wait this out without know what it might do next. Prayers continue with all anywhere near Dorian and especially for the people of the Bahamas.

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  3. I’ve been following the hurricane all along, Marcia. Sure hope the damage is at a minimum although things don’t look very good right now.


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