Smorgasbord End of Summer Party – Brunch Meet Robert Goldstein, Victoria Zigler, John W. Howell, Becky Ross Michael, Jemima Pett, Marcia Meara, Luna Saint Claire and Anita Dawes

Yesterday, I was invited to attend brunch at Sally Cronin’s HUGE, 2-day “End of Summer” Party, and what a feast she laid out for us, indeed. Lovely dishes prepared by Sally herself, amazing music selected by each of the brunch guests, and loads of fun people to hobnob with. (Virtually, of course, but still great fun, none-the-less.) I had to eat and run, since I had a speaking engagement clear back across the ocean in Florida, but it was STILL worth the trip. And I snuck a doggy bag of yummy treats home with me, too. Shhhhhh. We can let that be OUR secret. 😀 Hope you’ll stop by and meet some of Sally’s other brunch guests, and then check out the ongoing party, as it progress to afternoon tea, dinner, and a final meal today. THANKS, Sally! I had a lovely time! 🙂 ❤

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