How I sold 1,000 books over the holidays #marketing #bestseller

For those of you interested in the facts and figures of paid promotions, I’m sharing details of my latest successful promo over on my blog.
Hop across, take a look and tell me what you think.


Here is my promised share of how I sold 1000 books and became a bestseller (in Canada and Australia, at any rate) over the 10 days of the Christmas/New Year holiday. Settle in, folks, this is going to be a long post.

First up, what I did was nothing ground breaking, just plain old advertising and spreading the word.

For a bit of background, the book I promoted was THE PRINCE’S MAN, first in my Epic Fantasy series (only 2 books out so far, 3rd one is underway).

I know it can sell in quantity – when it came out, it was an Amazon Top 100 Hot New Release, selling 1500 copies in the first 6 weeks. That was back in 2013. I’ve written and released several other books since then, including its sequel, THE PRINCE’S SON.

I haven’t promoted TPM in over 12 months, and sales had…

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15 thoughts on “How I sold 1,000 books over the holidays #marketing #bestseller

  1. I’m so glad you went ahead and reblogged this Debby! I’m WAAAAY behind on my email, and I just knew when I had a chance to read this, I would want to share it. It’s better that you did it today, because I’m swamped as all the last minute construction stuff gets finished this week.

    I’m so impressed with what you accomplished, even though I’ve only had time to skim the figures. I plan to read it front to back and take copious notes, as I’ve GOT to do a better job of marketing this year. Thanks again for reblogging your experiences here, and congratulations on your remarkable accomplishment. REALLY happy for you!

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    • I’m so pleased I was able to share at an opportune time, Marcia 😀
      You might need to do more marketing on the ebook front, but of all the authors I know, you are the one who has the face-to-face paperback sales best taped!

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      • Yes, the timing of the post was perfect, and the subject matter, too. I really want to improve at the online marketing. I’ve been blessed with great audiences locally, and do feel good about my face to face sales, but for it to be a real living, I have to increase those online sales, too. I was going to do a post today on Saturday’s event, but ended up with people all over the place, and was unable to find a moment for it, or even for #NotesFromTheRiver. 😦 I want my days BACK again! *harrruuuumph* Apparently, four months of constant disruption is my limit, because I’m snarling like a she-wolf, every time someone knocks on the door. 😯 But, it’s almost over. *Repeating to self, ‘almost over . . . almost over’* 😀

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          • Wait? Is that an echo? 😀 😀 😀

            Seriously, I’ve had it. I’m not at all happy with that fact that I’ve done almost ZERO work in four months. I don’t have time to waste like that! Nor the inclination to waste it. I want to be WRITING, and I want all these people to finish their jobs and GO AWAY! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Ooops. I’m not sure that qualifies as “hanging in there,” does it? More like another rant. *sigh*) Goes back to chanting, almostover, almostover, almostover. 😀

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            • Lol, yes it was an echo…an echo…an echo…..
              Totally understand your frustration – I just spent 2 full weeks doing my accounts and tax return, and I begrudge ever minute of it – I NEED to get on with my next book! Book 2 is now selling well, if only I had book 3 ready to go…

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              • Yeah, a lot of the If-Onlys going on around here, too. But I’m getting things set up to go again, and that’s at least a bit of progress! Every little bit helps. Good luck on getting into the swing of writing again! I predict we’ll both make it happen soon! 😀

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    • You’re welcome, Viv. I’m very glad Debby posted this, too. I plan to study it closely before I launch Wake-Robin Ridge #4, for sure. If not sooner! I could use a Spring Time Sale, myself. 🙂

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