#InspirationBoardSunday – #SundayBlogShare – Real Men DO Read Romantic Suspense!


Something a bit different this Sunday. A bit late, too, but who’s counting, right? Any of you who follow this feature regularly know that I find inspiration in a lot of different places, and today is no different. My good friend and cover designer, Nicki Forde, sent me a picture of her fiancé taken on their recent vacation to Rhode Island. Tired from a wonderful day of exploring New England sights and sounds, she caught Mark reading a book she’d brought along on the trip. MY book, to be precise. My Romantic Suspense book, Finding Hunter, which is Book 2 of my Riverbend series.

I was delighted to see the  photo. I must say, Mark looks pretty involved, and it made me stop and think. I tend to consider my target audience women, and mostly over 30. Maybe even over 40. Which is fine by me, because they are a wonderful audience to write for. However, I have noticed more men showing up at local events, and asking questions about my books. Seeing this photo brought it home that there are men out there who read a broader spectrum of books than I might have expected.

Obviously, there are books that draw more male readers than others will, but I’m now much more aware that my writing should also appeal to those guys who enjoy some romance with their action books. I don’t intend to forget that going forward. Write as if the whole world is reading your words. They just might be!

Color me INSPIRED!


2 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday – #SundayBlogShare – Real Men DO Read Romantic Suspense!

  1. Years ago, while I was in the workforce, we had a male in our department who scoured the girls’ reading for anything they were reading = a lot of romance. He’d borrow the books, read them and pass them on to his wife before returning. Why the HECK not? ❤ 😀

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    • Why the heck not, indeed? Especially if there’s a mystery or an element of danger involved. Men wouldn’t think twice about watching a movie that included a love interest along with the action scenes. It’s good to know that some of them are reading books like that, as well.

      Of course, MY husband doesn’t read any kind of fiction at all. Ever. Which I find kind of sad, because you can learn as much about life from a fictional book as a non-fiction one. Sometimes more, since they tend to deal with more than just the bare facts. (Oooh. See what I did there? 😀 )

      Have a great week, Tess! Thanks for stopping by tonight. ❤ I've been missing all week, because I've been in the midst of publishing novel #5, and simply couldn't stop for anything else. But I'll be coming back on board soon.


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