#InspirationBoardSunday #SundayBlogShare Waterfalls!

Part of Triple Falls,  Dupont State Forest, North Carolina

I’ve spend the entire day working on the last chapter of my Harbinger draft, so I’m just getting this post in under the wire. It will be short but sweet. Waterfalls. Glorious waterfalls. They make me feel close to all things spiritual, and connected to nature in ways that transcend mere beauty. So, in honor of the extraordinary way they make me feel, I’m sharing some photos of a few of my favorite ones. Enjoy!

7496782630_9ae22fc309People aren’t the only ones who love waterfalls.



The 400′ Hickory Nut Falls at Chimney Rock Park in North Carolina
My favorite waterfall in the world.

Another View of Hickory Nut Falls, with more water, less sunshine. 🙂

And that’s a wrap for today, folks.  Have a great week!

10 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday #SundayBlogShare Waterfalls!

    • Not as long as you know that none of those waterfalls are actually in Florida. You do know that, right? Ha ha! Glad you enjoyed it, and feel free to pin anything you want, anytime you want. Off to bed for me now, good night!

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        • There MIGHT be a waterfall or two way up in the panhandle, where the Appalachians melt away, but certainly nothing like this in the body of the state, sadly. Heck, I don’t think there’s this much ROCK in the whole state! 😀

          Florida is WAY flat. Flattest state in mainland U.S.A., with its highest elevation around 345 feet. (Compared to North Carolina, at 6,684. And don’t even think about places like Colorado, at 14,440!) Maybe if we dig a DEEP hole, and divert a river over the edge??? Nah. Then all the alligators would fall in. 😀 😀 but I’m very happy you liked (and shared) the photos. 😀 Thanks!!


    • I could watch them all day long, but I prefer to be standing on solid ground, nearby. Don’t want to be ON the river at that point, or going over them in a barrel, or anything. 🙂 Niagara was one of the most beautiful wonders I’ve ever seen, but generally, I enjoy more accessible ones, where I can dabble my toes in the pool at the bottom, perhaps. 🙂 They make me feel connected to the earth in a way nothing else does.

      But there’s no law that says you have to VISIT them to appreciate the beauty, right? That’s what photos are for. 😀 Hope you enjoyed these. Thanks for visiting, Thorne. It’s always good to see you here.


  1. Mmmm, I so love waterfalls, I can stand and watch them for hours. And sometimes do, when I get the chance.
    Thanks for sharing these.
    I was just thinking of you – I took my lunch break (it’s what passes for my ‘day off’) with ‘Avengers Assemble’. It might not be Thor’s Day today, but I’m enjoying watching Thor, nonetheless!

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    • Well, what’s not to enjoy when watching Thor? 🙂 And why am I not surprised you love waterfalls, too? Water, in any form, is restorative to the body and soul. And waterfalls just magnify the power. That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it! 😀 Good to see you, as always, Debby! Monday Meme coming up shortly. Catching my breath a bit this morning, but I’m on it.

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