#ImmerseOrDie Bundle


We’ve had posts about the positive aspects of selling books through bundles with other authors writing in related genres, and we’ve probably all bought a bundle of books now and then, as well. Just thought I’d share this promo bundle put together by author Jefferson Smith. It is a short term deal, though, so if you are interested, you need to act soon.

Smith uses an unusual manner to choose the books he wants to include in his bundles, and I admit, I’ve never read any of the authors before, so I can’t vouch for a thing. Just sharing the deal. Check it out here:

Immerse or Die

You might want to read the paragraph at the top of the page, to see what I mean about Smith’s method of eliminating  contenders from spots in his bundle. Odd, but possibly effective, at least if you are the type of reader who prefers a well-edited and crafted book. (And trust someone else to make that call for you.) If you decide to buy the bundle, I’d love to know what you think of the books.

You may purchase the bundle from this page, and you can even choose to have a portion of your proceeds go to a charity of Smith’s choice. The “Pay  What You Want” option floors me. I confess, I’ve never seen anything done like this, and would be interested in what some of you think of the concept.

3 thoughts on “#ImmerseOrDie Bundle

    • Hi, Olga. I’m by no means an expert on any of this–bundles, methods of selection, paying whatever you want–it’s all new to me. But I figured I’d share, and see if anyone had any thoughts on it, or any experience with it. I know Aimee Easterling has done bundles, very successfully, but don’t know if she’s tried anything quite like this. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Have a great weekend!


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