8 Things To Expect When Someone Asks You To Guest Post

I have a very funny guest on my blog today and had to share. I think we all can relate to her 8 Things To Expect When Someone Asks You To Guest Post.

Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta

After a long work week we all can use a good laugh. Which is why I thought the weekend was the perfect time for my next guest to brighten our day.  www.blondewritemore.wordpress.com is my go-to site when I need a good laugh. As such I had to ask Lucy to add some humor to my blog, a site dedicated to crime. And she didn’t disappoint!

Take it away, Lucy!

glass case of emotion

8 Things to expect when someone asks you to be a guest blogger 

Being asked to do a guest post for another blogger can fill you with pride and put a twinkle in your eye. Someone out there likes you and wants you to write them a guest post. Cue the warm glow followed by a hop skip and a jump around your writing desk!

It’s a wonderful moment when you excitedly type back ‘I would love to be a guest…

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2 thoughts on “8 Things To Expect When Someone Asks You To Guest Post

  1. Thanks for sharing this here, Sue. It was GREAT! Please feel free to reblog here any time. Your posts on crime-related stuff are always so interesting, and would be helpful, I’m sure, for many of the good folks who visit here. (Have I told you lately that you ROCK?) 😀

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