Meet the Author Tour Today!

Can You See Me Now?

Car’s all packed, and I’m ready to go. As soon as my cover designer, Nicki Forde, gets here, we’re off for an afternoon of fun, wildlife observation, and book talk! What could be better? Thank you to everyone who shared my posts about this event. We have a great group signed up, and I can’t wait to meet them all!

Hopefully, I’ll have some good pictures to share when I get back. Have a great Saturn’s Day, you guys. Oh, and if you’re interested, there are still some openings on Tuesday’s tour, 4/28, 1:30pm.  You can book here: St. Johns River Eco Tours.


14 thoughts on “Meet the Author Tour Today!

        • I actually am pretty happy with sales, and with the opportunity I got to meet readers and share the river with them. We saw several alligators and some nice birds, though it was too hot for as much wildlife as you see in cooler months. However, we saw five manatees, including a baby, in a group. They were feeding on vegetation along the shore, and we got to watch them for quite a while. That was a really fun sighting.

          I did my first reading for the group, and even though I personally think I’m terrible at it, the response was good. So, that’s one hurdle done with, and I won’t be so nervous about it next time. All in all, a great day, but I am absolutely whipped tonight! I’ll be going to bed early, for sure.

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    • You would have enjoyed it, Callum. Gators and turtles, and the usual feathered suspects. But the high point was definitely the manatees I told Sue about above. One was enormous, with a tail at least 2-1/2 to 3′ wide. Just huge. And a baby, too. They are very sweet to watch.

      It was really hot, though. I took along several baggies filled with ice cubes, and ended up holding one on the back of my neck frequently. I said next time I go this late in the year, I’m bringing bungee cords and affixing them to my arms and legs and chest. 😀 Geesh, I get overheated really easily, and that is why I’m so tired tonight, I think. But it was STILL worth it. We had a lot of fun!

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    • It was both of those things, Louis! Almost every person on the tour bought a book, and one person bought all three of my novels. And the raffle was a hit, too. So I feel good about the day. Plus it was fun to talk to readers, as always, and the river was beautiful. You have to do this someday. 🙂


    • Thank you, Editor Lady. Oh, wait. You’re a Writer Lady, too. And a Poet Lady, as a sub-specialty! 😀 Anyway, thanks. It was fun, and we learned a few new things for Tuesday to make it even better. Can’t wait!


    • You know, we got so involved with the reading, and the sight of the manatees, etc, I’m not sure anyone was taking pictures. Nicki took some video of the barred owls with my phone, but they didn’t come out well, and Doug, who is the official photographer, was busy with the tour this time, and I’m not sure he was getting any pics, either. I’ll see if I can find some, though. Sorry!!


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