50 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters

While I’m neck deep in other things I thought I’d share a popular post of mine. You can get the full .pdf by clicking the image or following the link.


Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta

The time has finally arrived!

50WaysToMurder with caption

I’ve been working on this 4000+ word booklet, 50 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters for weeks and it’s finally done. In it you’ll find different murder methods with commentary on how your killer can use the technique effectively, and what to look out for when he does. I’ve also shared details, like how the detective can catch the killer if he isn’t careful.

So you can better understand the great resource you’ll have with 50 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters I’ll give you a sneak peek…


Killers who know their victims often like the up-close and personal touch. The killer can look his victim in the eyes and watch the life drain from her body. Now, you don’t need to use a knife. Be creative. A pair of scissors, a toothbrush melted and filed down, even a pen could turn into a…

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7 thoughts on “50 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters

  1. Folks, this is a great booklet, full of very helpful (and interesting) information. Don’t miss out on downloading this super resource.

    Sue, thanks for sharing this with us. You can never put this in front of folks often enough. I got some pretty darn good ideas from reading through this, and I know where to look if I want more info on specifics. As always, you ROCK!

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      • Yes, a full post WAS warranted, and I hope you’ll feel free to repeat it now and then for new members who will be interested.

        I knew you would enjoy Ned’s blog. Honestly, he’s one of the funniest guys out there, and I suspect (but don’t tell him I said this) that he’s a real nice person, too. (Just buttering you up, Ned, now that you’re an official publicist, and all!) 😀 Seriously, Mr. Hickson, I hope you’ll post here about this new development. Lots of writers here who would be interested.

        Thanks again, Sue!

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    • I’m so glad you found it helpful! I’ll be sending an addendum soon. So many have written in to add to the list, like Marcia for instance. BTW, she knows far too much about how to kill using reptiles. Be careful!

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      • Hey, I’m a dangerous woman. What can I tell you? I know how to kill using anything from a crochet hook to a wet sponge. 😯 As for reptiles…I’d rather pet ’em than use ’em for weapons. But I can do BOTH. I’m just sayin’………

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