#GuestDayTuesday – The Case of the Babbling Sphinx by Bob Nailor

Hi, Everybody! Please help me welcome Bob Nailor to The Write Stuff today. Bob is here to share his newest book, The Case of the Babbling Sphinx, and I think you’ll agree it sounds like a winner! 


Gregory Eggers, a multi-billionaire, is missing; then he is found dead. Not only dead, but mummified. His third wife claims she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra and he is Marc Antony. Detective Barry Hargrove is called to figure it all out with the assistance of his old police partner, Williamson. What he uncovers is an ancient Chinese sword, a vendetta, and an Egyptian curse with a Chinese secret—a mystery so strange that even Hargrove can’t believe it. What is the secret of the curse on the obelisk? Hargrove searches the mansion and life-sized replica sphinx to learn the answers. But is the sphinx willing to babble its secrets?

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Author Bob Nailor

My name is Robert S. Nailor, but many people know me as Bob Nailor Author. I live on a quaint wooded acre in the NW corner of Ohio. I’ve retired and now spend most of my time puttering around the house, working in the yard, spoiling the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and writing – not always in that order. Seems I have less time for writing than when I worked full time, but, still, I shove my butt into the chair and force myself to put words to the screen. I write fantasy, Amish Christian, adventure, mystery, and what I call “light” horror. I have written several books and have been included in multiple anthologies. I also do speaking engagements and editing for other writers. There’s several corners to me and many of them can be found at my webpage: www.bobnailor.com

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42 thoughts on “#GuestDayTuesday – The Case of the Babbling Sphinx by Bob Nailor

  1. Thanks. As to intriguing, to those I sold copies to in-person, they found the story a page-turner. One even asked how I was able to keep all the details straight.

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  2. Thanks for being here today, Bob! Hope you’ll enjoy meeting some potential new readers. With a premise such as described in your blurb, it’s sure to draw a lot of interest. Best of luck to you! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Teri. A lot of research went into this book to make sure there were ‘real’ facts sprinkled throughout. BTW, I believe the Egyptian hieroglyphics on the cover to be pretty accurate to the curse inside. I

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        • I found a program that explained hieroglyphics and which each symbol represented. At the top, the two thumbs represent 10,000 each; the six lotus plants are 1,000 each, and the next emblem is the moon. So I figure that means 26,000 moons. The next set of symbols is “revenge” followed by the next set of 3 to mean, royal house, and finally, the arm is a ruler. Hence, the curse defined.


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