6 Draft Checklist Ideas (And Why You Should Create Your Own)

Some great draft checklist ideas from K. M. Allan this morning. I plan to work from this list as I get my next final draft ready to send my editor. I would add, I also use a program called Smart Edit that’s easy & quick and will automatically hunt for a group of issues all at one time, presenting what it finds in individual lists. It seems faster to me, but you can search for these things in Word, too. Check out Allan’s post for super pointers presented in a logical, concise manner. If you enjoy it, be sure to share with the Immediate World. Thanks!

K.M. Allan

Just as no two writers will write an idea the same way, drafting is a unique process as well.

Some authors may draft their MS in as little as five passes, others (raises hand) might have 20 odd drafts under their belt for certain works in progress.

When drafting is such a mammoth task, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I’m not a planner for writing, but for editing and drafting, I find a plan makes all the difference.

To create such plans, checklists are my go-to, and when I’m close to the final draft stage, these are the six main things I scan for during a draft pass…

1. Repeats

I recommend every writer come up with their own Repeats List because we all have different words we use repeatedly. This advice also goes for phrases (I constantly use “looked as if”) and for movements. If every character is…

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