22 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile – #Halloween Edition

    • Glad you enjoyed them. (I like the plus sign, too. That Drac, Jr, is such a kidder!) πŸ˜€

      And YES on the spiders. Ooooooh. *Shudder* I love my reptiles, but arachnids are right OUT!!! 😯

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          • I haven’t been blogging, either, so I probably did miss them. I’ll see. I’m getting back into things but catching up is nearly impossible. Better to move forward, I suppose.

            I did catch a post about Irma from you and couldn’t comment at the time but am very happy you’re safe. Much love and light to you, my friend. ❀

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            • I’ve been using this blog as a journal of the ordeal after Irma, if you ever want to look at some astonishing pictures. Our cars were trapped under the smashed garage roof for more than a month, and we are currently looking at $60,500+ on repairs. Plus $5600 on car repairs. Now, the car is in the shop for a month for that, so we’re back to transportation issues. But you are right, we are safe, with a roof over our head, so far, and that is a blessing, for sure. Thanks for the love and light! I’ll take ’em!! πŸ˜€

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              • Yes, you are safe. That’s what I care about. Though these hurricanes made life difficult (hell) for a lot of people. And, like you say, many are still recovering. I’ll catch up on those posts. Take care of yourself. ❀

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                • When hundreds upon hundreds have no homes left to return to, and have lost every possession they own, I have no right to complain about our damage. It’s tiresome, frustrating, and time consuming, but we’ll be done with it all in a few months, and things will be back to normal. Better, even, because we’ll have a brand, new roof. So we know we were spared the horrors that thousands are facing. But during the ordeal, it sure is stressful. 😦 On a happier note, I expect to see some actual work starting very soon. I’m getting tired of the ripped up, flapping blue tarp over the garage, and will be glad to say goodbye to that. But mostly, we need our life to settle down again, which it will–by January or February. πŸ˜‰

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                • Yes, some other places were utterly destroyed and it’s awful. I know what you mean but you can still complain. You can have perspective but still allow yourself to feel how you feel. (We can’t always compare ourselves to others.) We do what we can to help. And you do what you can to get your life back to normal. Here’s to a new roof, some sense of normalcy, and some fab Christmas decorations. πŸ™‚

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  1. Sarah, I’m now rethinking my idea to paint the storage pod like a giant Santa sleigh. I’m leaning toward making it into a train engine, and going with Polar Express. πŸ˜€ I think that could work!

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