5 Things I Learned from Monty Python

As a devoted Monty Python fan, I couldn’t resist sharing this one with you. And there’s more to come, so, yay! Have a little laugh on Lemon Shark today.

Lemon Shark


1. Be yourself.

If an ancient bridgekeeper asks you five (three) questions as toll to cross, answer him truthfully. Do not say what you think he wants to hear or be indecisive in your response or you will end up in the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

2. Know when to quit.

If you are fighting for a just cause and acquire a scratch, bruise, or other minor “flesh wound”, don’t give up the good fight. On the other hand (assuming you still have one), should your arm be chopped off, your leg lopped, or if blood is spurting from various injuries, know your limits and limp away. Live to fight another day.

3. Don’t let looks deceive you.

Do not underestimate a killer, even if he is a cute, fluffy, little bunny. You could wind up decapitated.

4. Stand up for yourself.

If you are not dead…

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15 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned from Monty Python

    • Me, too! Have you any idea how hard it was to discipline a tall, skinny teenage boy, as he repeated, “Sorry, Mum. Sorry, Mum” over and over and did the Ministry of Silly Walks around my kitchen, better than John Cleese, himself? I’d start laughing and forget everything I was mad about. 😀

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    • Something we definitely have in common, Mae. Except that my KIDS were teenagers when I fell in love with those guys! And Fawlty Towers! OMG, I loved that one, too. I swear, all John Cleese has to do is just stand there, and I fall over laughing. 😀

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        • To my dying day, I’ll remember Sybil’s shrill “Basil? BASIL!” and his response of, “Yes, my little piranha fish.” And the waiter (can’t remember his name) arguing with him over his “pet” he caught raiding the pantry. “No is rat. Is HAMSTER!” Hahahaha. OH, so many good moments on that show, but the image that’s burned into my brain is Basil running down the front steps (with those long, spider legs of his) and shaking his fist at the sky in frustration over . . . well, over pretty much everything.

          We named our first parrot Basil, in his honor. 😀

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    • I have made an executive decision. I’m going to do a search later today, find the full set of Fawlty Towers on DVD (it MUST be out there somewhere), and treat myself to an “I Survived Hurricane Matthew” present! Laughter . . . the single greatest healing force on the planet, after Love.


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