Mark Your Calendars, Florida Friends!

Don’t miss this! The decorations should be beautiful, and you’ll get a chance to meet several Florida authors (including moi!), who would be glad to discuss things ranging from Florida history to leucistic reptiles. We’ll all have books for sale, too,  and will be happy to sign them for you. Do some Christmas shopping that doesn’t involve the Mall. You’ll be glad you did! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars, Florida Friends!

    • Me, too, Linda! You’d have a good time on the 12th for sure. And I’d give you a big ol’ hug, if you showed up on my doorstep. Though be forewarned. Since I started writing, it’s kind of hard to FIND my doorstep, under all the leaves and debris. Same thing goes for my couch, the Comfy Chair, and the kitchen table, too. Something had to give, since there are only so many hours in a day, and housework was the first thing out the door. 😀

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    • This is the time of year when we really ARE. I turned my a/c off for the first time yesterday, and opened the windows for several hours. It was lovely. Today, it’s back on. 😦 Hoping it will be cool on the 12th, so it feels a bit more like Christmas than 4th of July. 😀


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